Friday, August 2, 2013

A Rhyming Dictionary

*Press sample sent for review

When I first found this indie seller I was blown away with her polishes.... still am!! Original "air" date was August 3, 2012!

A Rhyming Dictionary Nails Betsy Bobbin!!! This is such an awesome unique polish!! Every time I look at this polish I am at a loss for words.... and that is really hard for me to do lol!! This is just truly one of a kind beautiful! Starting with a very very sheer pink base, almost clear it is so sheer, there are fine hot pink glitters, small blue, green, coral, pink hexs and then these larger black circles. They remind me of little seeds, tehehehe! They are too cute!! Application was great! I think this would look great over all kinds of colors.... I have Betsy Bobbin over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Kristen!!! What colors would you try this polish over?

A Rhyming Dictionary Nails Quox!!! Simply stunning. I was wearing this shopping and a lady stopped me to tell me how unique my 'glitter' polish was. So I am more than sure she was referring to Quox rather than the undies I have on with it! It does seem to have a tinge of blue to the base, then added in are some very fine blue shimmer, some fine royal blue hexs, small silver, blue, green, hot pink and pale pink hexs! Pheww that is a lot of glitter! I really think you could easily get this to opaque in a few generous coats! I opted to throw it over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Piper. It did change the color just a hair. Application was super great on this one too! So stop on by and check out her shop!!

A Rhyming Dictionary Nails Kaliko. OMG this is flippin crazy beautiful. Kaliko is a clear base with black, silver, and purple/blue shards!! I have never seen anything like this. Such even application especially for shards. These are some of my favorite color combos too. I have Kaliko over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Kendal. But I am sure you could put it over anything and make it look stunning!!! Check out her shop there are tons of gorg polishes!!

Thanks for taking a peek!!! 

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