Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some beauties from Couture Gel Nail Polish

*Press sample sent for review

So these are the other 4 anticipated beauties from Couture Gel Nail Polish! I'm tellin' ya if you haven't tried these you should surely give them a try. They are so highly pigmented and the formula is awesome. The system in a whole is simple and the longevity is amazing! I have on 2 coats of each polish, but you could easily get away with one on some of them. It's just me and the 2 coat thing lol! I am seriously stoked that I grabbed the chance and tried this system out. So if you want 3 weeks worth of wear and super shine.... check out some of these colors...... 

#50 Cranberry Cosmo...
a super lush magenta cream with amazing purple shimmer throughout

#47 Super Model....
a grape purple with blue iridescent shimmer

#81 Tiffany's Secret....
a dazzling turquoise with blue iridescent shimmer

#42 Who's That Girl?....
NO NO your not seeing this wrong.... it totally looks like this polish is GLOWING right??!! OMG it's is stunning.... a very light peachy coral with gold/orange shimmer.

So which ones are your favorites?!! I told you these were super gorg and it would be hard to choose.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mary K Mascara and soooo much more!!

So my sister was having a great little Mary Kay party, giving each other some much needed facials, but because I am so far away from her :( Her Mary Kay consultant (Tasha Harris) sent me a package with the whole little system to try out on my own and send her the results!! I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVED. IT!!! A facial in a bag! I definitely recommend the microdermabrasion system and the night cream!! It's like LOVE in a little package! Just follow the instructions and your skin comes out as smooth as, well a little babies tooshy!! LOVE IT!!! She was also sweet enough to send me a sample of some mineral eyeshadow (in Truffle) and a little Lash Love Mascara in black! HOLY MOLY ya'll, this mascara is TO DIE FOR!!! I think this has become my holy grail mascara. I only wish I had a larger tube lol! Check out some photos! (MEGA PIC HEAVY!!!)

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in black

Swatch of Truffle Mineral Eye Shadow

before with eye makeup on and NO mascara

Eye with NO mascara

After, with mascara! See the difference! It looks almost like false eyelashes to me. My lashes still feel soft and there was no flaking!  I have Truffle on my lids and lined under my eyes. This is a beautiful brown with red/pink shimmer mineral eyeshadow! Super smooth, and blends great! It's gorgeous! 

with mascara

With mascara

with mascara

With mascara

gorgeous Truffle (see all the shimmer)!
 with mascara

gorgeous Truffle! with mascara

Yes!! I will definitely be NEEDING more Mary Kay in my makeup collection! How about you!? Stop by Tasha Harris' Mary Kay site and shop til you drop. She is a major sweetheart. If you have any questions just ask... she is sure to answer them.

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..... I'm NO Superman.... Kawaii Nail Lacquer style!

*Press sample sent for review

Ohhhh Kawaii Nail Lacquer and her AH-MAZING creations, decided to blow us all out of the water again and create some stunners. All of these swatches are only 2 thin coats.... the formula on her polishes are thin and incredible! The color combos are out of this world! So grab a napkin, I don't need you droolin' on your computers!! 

Going Bananas..... 
is a mint green crelly with pink, yellow, and green small circle, hex, and square glitters. AND little banana shaped yellow holos!! How stinkin' adorable is that!? I have this layered over Illamasqua Nomad! 

I'm No Superman....
An amazing baby blue crelly with small red stars, and small red and yellow glitters in various sizes. I have this layered over Zoya Kristen.

My Crayola Box Exploded....
A smooth banana yellow crelly with TONS of glitters in all shapes, sizes and colors.... stars, diamonds, HOLOS! Simply divine! This is layered over Zoya Pippa!

Now if that doesn't influence to to RUSH over to her store and pick some up, I don't know what will!! Which one is your favorite!? 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Couture Gel Nail Polish

*Press sample sent for review

I recently received some gorgeous polishes from Couture Gel Nail Polish! I have really been loving gel polishes lately!! These are intensely colored and some of the highest shine I have seen. This is the ONLY brand I have tried in gel polish and right now, it's the only gel brand I am loving!! These are rich in color and apply amazingly. You can seriously get away with one coat on most of them but it's such habit that I used 2 coats on each. The system is super easy and the staying power is awesome. I got 3 weeks and a day of wear, before I changed my polish. I probably could have gone longer lol...... 

#83 Naughty-cal....
a beautiful baby blue cream. Such a soft pretty color

#12 Silk In The City....
a champagne foil with silver and gold shimmer. This will look super cute at Christmas time! 

#103 Stay-cation
a orange/red foil with tons of gold shimmer. Very summery

#93 Glam Squad....
a gorgeous lilac cream. This is seriously one of my favorite purple polishes of the moment!

So which ones are your favorites?? Make sure you stop by and check out the website and grab you some gel polish!!! Don't forget to mention that Kansas Nail Graffiti sent ya!!!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Nail Polish Collection (as of 8.22.13)

Well after A LONG time of saying that I was going to make a video of my polish collection, I finally did..... then it took FOREVER to upload it. Holy moly..... seriously it took 2 days. I almost didn't think I was going to be able to. Thank goodness it finally all uploaded. Just an "in advance" warning... I am in NO way a youtuber... I don't film videos very well at all lol! But for the sake of nail polish and ya'll, I did!! So please excuse the fan in the background (if you turn the volume up it's not that bad imo), and one of my dresser drawers are open lmbo!! Sorry! :( lol 
well here ya go! 

I hope you enjoyed! Please leave responses here or on youtube.... I would love to see ya'lls collections too!! If you want to see just one brand more in depth just let me know and I will try and get that done for you! 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Ipsy: Glamour Academy

Ipsy August bag!! Glamour Academy! I have to say I think this HAS to be my favorite bag yet!! I am sooooo happy with this bag. Woot woot. Ipsy (for those of you that don't know) is a monthly subscription box for $10..... you get 5 beauty items related to the quiz you take, to see what is suited best for you. It is an amazing way to try out new products and brands without the burden of a big price tag and then being disappointed. You can cancel whenever. I have yet to get something I don't like. And the products are NOT foil packet samples... these are good sized products!! Only $10, it's like a little monthly treat! I know it's one of the more exciting things, I look forward to. If you want to sign up for Ipsy just click right HERE!!!

......on to the bag o' goodies.....

First check out that BAG!! How cute is that?! It's a vibrant purple with gold academy symbols all over it. Cute. 

...and the products.... 
Michael Todd jojoba charcoal gentle exfoliating facial scrub, MicaBeauty eyeshadow in Bronze (gorgeous), Pixie Beauty lash booster mascara~ blackest black, Pacifica Alight multi-mineral BB cream, and my most favorite item in the whole bag..... Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Anarchy!!! 

because like most girls this is what I was looking forward to in my bag, here is a swatch of Urban Decay Anarchy!! {angels singing} I love this color, it is an amazingly gorgeous hot pink! The formula is otherworldly! lol! I was going to buy this just for the name alone (yes I am a SUPER HUGE SOA fan).... but the color is mind blowingly BAD ASS!!! 

I will keep you updated about the other couple products when I use them, which will be super soon!! :) I will list where you can purchase all these great products below (just click on the name and it will take you straight to their site). Remember if you wanna sign up for Ipsy yourself and start receiving awesome bags every month then just click right HERE!!!!


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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pop Culture Cosmetics

*Press sample sent for review

Today I have some great polishes from Pop Culture Cosmetics. She has some amazing collections out right now. And I do have to say almost every single color has, made me WANT it!! The formula on these polishes are very good, and the application is divine. You'll definitely want to check out her shop.... there are tons of polishes from jellies, crellies, to glow in the dark and thermals! A 'must have brand' in you collection!! These photos are all 2 coats......

Barbie Girl.... 
a gorgeous pink crelly, with tons of sizes and colors of circle and hexs glitters. I love the big holo circles

Reach For The Moon Collection

Blue Moon....
This is an extraordinary dark sapphire blue jelly with silver holo circles, moons, and stars... with various small sizes of silver circle glitters. Totally and absolutely AMAZING!!! 

Sweet Shop Collection

Birthday Cake....
a blue/teal-ish crelly with different sizes and colors of circles and hex glitters.

Blue Raspberry Slushy....
a robin's egg blue crelly with white, purple, pink and iridescent glitters, in diamonds, stars, squares, and hexes!! Super cute

Cake Batter....
a perfect white crelly with bright fun colored hexes and stars. I have this over a white cream polish

an orange cream with varies shades (even holo) and sizes of circle glitter and cute little stars. This is over a white cream polish for a bright punch of color!!

See??!! So definitely worth checking out!!! I am over the MOON with Blue Moon!! It's my absolute favorite!!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

La Bella Vernice

*Press sample sent for review

La Bella Vernice. Ooh, a new indie maker.... brings amazing polishes.... and shall I say some of the dang cutest packaging I have seen in ages!! I am in love with the packaging! (and the polish of course) 

Isn't this packaging the cutest! ;)

A super holo-y lavender glitter topcoat with a clear base. It's gonna be fun putting this over different colors. i have 1 coat over a basic light blue cream. <3

Ahhh omg, this is such an amazing color. It's a very pale gray metallic with a blue/pink duo chrome shift, and very subtle scattered holo. In this sun this dance like crazy with the light. This is 2 thin coats over a white cream. *drool*

check out that rainbow!! Ahhhh!

What do you think??!! Definitely check out her shop and stay tuned for more to come from this amazing maker. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust

Today I have Zoya Summer Pixie Dust! I know, I know, it seems I am late in the game... but really I got these the second they came out.... somehow they were hiding in a folder on my computer and I found them when I was moving all my photos from facebook over here. So I figured "what the hey"!
All of the polishes in this collection have an excellent formula and apply great, in just 2 coats they are opaque. No need for a topcoat top. And they are not super scratchy like a lot of the other textured polishes I own. I am definitely a pixie dust fan!!! So here they are in ALL their glory!

Summer Pixie Dust

a tangerine with golden sparkle

a bright coral with golden sparkle

a vibrant blue with silver sparkle

is a rosy pink with silver sparkle

a bright golden yellow with silver sparkle

a pretty violet with silver sparkle

Overall I really love them all.... the only one I don't think suits me too well is Solange.
So what do you think??!! Which are your favorite?!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Couture Gel Nail Polish

*Press sample sent for review

So I got the chance to review these gorgeous gel polishes from Couture Gel Nail Polish!! Original post date was July 17, 2013

Couture Gel Nail Polish...... This was my very first time EVER using gel polish, and I am in LOVE with this system. It's super fast. The shine is ridiculous  At first I was unsure of myself.... but got the hang of it in no time. As long as you follow the directions that are include, you can't mess these up! They even give you a DVD just in case seeing is easier! Couture offers a pretty wide rang of colors and they are all gorgeous!! I have on Glam Squad on my nails and Naughty-cal on my toes! These gel manicures are supposed to last for 21 days!! That is amazing (I don't think I have EVER worn polish that long lol)!! So I will definitely check back and post some more photos to see how well this mani holds up!! Definitely check this site out! 

Couture Gel Nail Polish Check out all the great goodies that come with the gel kit..... A fantastic UV lamp, that cures in 30 secs!!!!!!! A direction card, a DVD, a list of a few of their color choices, a little mani kit with buffer, separators, file, nail brush, and pusher! Pre-made foil wraps for removal, A CUTE carrying case, remover and cleaner, and then 3 colors (I choose L 2 R, Stay-cation, Naughty-cal and Glam Squad) and a base and top coat!!! I am soooooo impresses with this system!!! 

Make sure you stop by and check out everything they have to offer. You will not be disappointed!! 

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