Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My ColourPop lippes collection swatches

Today I have my little collection of ColourPop lippes to show you. I have really fallen for this brand, and thought why not show you the Lippie Stix and Ultra Mattes I have in my collection. I don't have a ton but what I have is amazing and I can't wait to purchase more.
The Lippie Stix are the most incredible formula. They were all very easy on my lips. Very moisturizing. Even the sheers were super colorful.
The Ultra Mattes were just that.... ultra matte. I didn't swatch these on my lips. (I will in the future) These puppies DON'T budge. Once they are on, they are on for the long haul. I do use a little balm underneath, kinda! I start my full face of makeup with applying balm, I do all my other makeup, then I wipe off my balm and apply the Ultra Matte. Just to give it some extra moisture!

The Lippie Stix are only $5 and the Ultra Mattes are $6..... and worth every penny.
SOOOOO if you haven't heard or tried ColourPop I will have all the links below, following all of the swatches! Happy viewing!

Lippie Stix
Primer in the middle
(clockwise from top) Tiger, Frida, Safari, Whip, Juice Bar, Bound & Aquarius

Juice Bar, Whip, Safari, Aquarius, Bound, Frida & Tiger

Holy greatness in a stick! I LOVE this product. It keeps my lippies on, helps them not feather, and keeps them on for a super long time. I even wear this under some of my other lipstick! I love it! 

Juice Bar
*Cool toned berry pink in a sheer finish

*A vivid blue violet in a sheer finish

*A bright true orange in a sheer finish

*A soft pink nude in a crème finish

*A light nude pink in a glossy finish.

*A warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish

*A rich plum wine in a sheer finish

Ultra Mattes
Clueless, Stingraye, Bad Habit, Bumble & Solow

Ultra Mattes
Clueless, Stingraye, Bad Habit, Bumble & Solow

These Ultra Mattes tho.......

*Descriptions per ColourPop website
I have to agree wholey with their descriptions too!

If  y'all have any lip products, well any products, from ColourPop, let me know what you think. Show or tell me your favorites! I am always in the mood to buy more great makeup, so tell me your 'must haves'!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fingerpaints 2016 spring collection

Today I have some polishes from FingerPaints. They have some new colors.... there are glitters and neons, and some really fun others.
The neon colors even have their own top and base coat. The base coat is a simple white cream polish. It makes the neon colors very vibrant!
I have on 2 coats of each of these polishes, except the yellow- it took 3 coats! The glitters were all one coat over another color.
Application was pretty smooth and coverage was great! 
FingerPaints are sold at Sally Beauty Supply.

A-Cry-Lic A Girl, The Mural of the Story, To the Plinth Degree, Dye-ing to Know & Clay on Words

I'm So Enameled By You, Umber-Ella & Off To Collage!

Glitter base and top coats

A-Cry-Lic A Girl
A bright barbie pink cream polish with subtle mirco shimmer 

Clay On Words
A gorgeous coral cream polish with gold and pink micro shimmer 

Dye-ing to Know
A bright neon red cream polish

The Mural of the Story
A true turquoise cream polish 

To the Plinth Degree
A super bright neon yellow cream polish

A fine champagne glitter polish with a clear base. Very easy to work with.

Off to Collage!
over A-Cry-Lic A Girl
A chunky glitter topper with a tinted violet base, purple & rose gold glitters.

I'm So Enameled By You
over  The Mural of the Story
A clear based polish with gold, blue & iridescent chunky glitters

Endless Wear 
 A Hue Too Many & Wild About Hue
These 2 polishes have amazing shine! I loved them! 

A Hue Too Many
A blood red cream jelly polish

Wild About Hue
A sky blue cream polish

So as always, let me know what you think! Which ones you have or want to get, and how they worked out for you!

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*Press sample sent for review

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rimmel Kate nudes

Boy have I got a post for you today! 
Have you seen these amazing little gems from Rimmel. The nudes by Kate are incredible! Holy cow, I am in love! I have wanted these since I first saw them last summer. Oh the glory of these! Just wait until you see these babies! 
These lipsticks retail for around $8
I will just start off by saying that all of these were opaque, and creamy. They wore for quite awhile and I'd say they're long lasting like they claim.
They felt comfortable, not sticky or slippery. 
They have a candy like smell to them. 
Just fab! 
(Pic heavy post!!)

Rimmel Kate nudes 
40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 & 49

Rimmel Kate nudes 
40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 & 49

 A pale nude cream lipstick 


  A pink nude cream lipstick 


 An apricot nude cream lipstick  


  A tan nude cream lipstick 


  A pale peachy/brown nude cream lipstick 


  A rose nude cream lipstick 


 A medium peach nude cream lipstick  


  A terracotta nude cream lipstick 


  A dark raisin nude cream lipstick 


  A dark nude with a grey undertone and very subtle pink shimmer.
This one is definitely a favorite! 


YAASSS!!! Oh my! These are to die for! If you love nudes you NEED to get these in your life NOW!!! 
Ok I'll stop screaming at you now! 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NYC Demi collection

Today I have some fun items from NYC... the Lovatics by Demi collection. These are super cute and I think the palette is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette. 
The shadow swatched pretty well and preformed good too. They was some fallout with these. They are a bit powdery but overall the end result worked just fine. The shadows blended good and the color payoff wasn't too shabby either. 
This palette retails for around $4.99

Lovatics by Demi palette

Lovatics by Demi palette

Here's the look I came up with using this palette, the mascara, brow pencil and cheek tint.

Cheek tint in Cheeky Red
I have always been intrigued by cheek and lip tint. I never got around to trying it on my lips but I thought it was comfortable on my cheeks. The tint stayed for a good amount of time and I think it looked pretty natural.  
Tint retails for around $3.99

Cheek tint in Cheeky Red
(unblended swatch)

Cheek tint in Cheeky Red
(blended swatch)

Brow pencil in Medium Brown
I don't normally stray away from my normal brow pencil, but I gave this one a try. I wasn't too sure of this one. It did it's job. Although I think the color was a little off for me. I didn't noticed any smudging. It was a little soft but it was okay. 
Brow pencil retails for around $1.99

Brow pencil in Medium Brown swatch

Volumizing mascara

This mascara does what it says it does. It added volume to my lashes for such. 
It wasn't flaky, and didn't smudge. My lashes weren't crunch and that's a plus! Overall I liked this mascara.
It retails for around $4.99

All in all I liked the products in this collection and I really think the palette was the star. For someone on a budget I feel you could get some really amazing looks with it. 
Let me know hoe you feel if you own or are about to own any of these products! 

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