Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zoya Enchanted

Today I have the Zoya Enchanted collection. These are their holiday 2016 colors, and they are stunning!
Hard to believe in just a few short days we are already going to be in the holiday season! I am so happy and excited for them to get here.
So I thought what better way to kick off the season than by showing you these beauties! This collection from Zoya has me seeing stars.... all the gorgeous glitter and sparkle, it's amazing!!
All of the photos below are 2 coats of each polish.

Enchanted collection
(l to r)
Saint, Olivera, Lorna, Elphie, Waverly & Alice

A periwinkle PixieDust polish with magenta and blue sparkles 



An emerald green PixieDust with green sparkles



A beautiful berry PixieDust with magenta sparkles



A unique indigo metallic duo chrome polish with a green and purple shift 



A periwinkle duo chrome metallic polish with a magenta shift



A sapphire blue PixieDust with blue sparkles



This collection retails for $10 each on Zoya's website.
 Just click HERE to be directly sent to the Enchanted collection on Zoya's site!!!! 

Overall I was very impressed with these colors. The formula is true to Zoya and was flawless, I am so happy there are some happy sparkly holiday colors in this collection.

Please let me know which ones you picked up!

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Influenster and Maybelline??

I have a little bit of a different post today. 
I don't normally post about products that I'm truly not happy with. I would never put up a review or post bashing a company. I do believe in honest reviews, so I have always opted just not to post if I didn't agree with the product or it just didn't really live up to what it was claiming to do. 
But I feel I owe an explanation to why I was extremely disappointed with the Maybelline 24hr Super Stay liquid lipsticks.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Maybelline, I have a great deal of  Maybelline lipsticks, eye-shadows, and mascaras..... They happen to be some of my all time favorites as well! So I am NOT putting down the company, just speaking of a product that didn't go so well for me. 
I received 2 shades in my Influenster VoxBox. 
I was extremely excited to get them...... when I opened the package I was a bit let down with the two colors that were in the box. They were at complete opposite ends of the color spectrum. A very very pale nude (with so much shimmer, it left my lips covered in tiny glitter) *Constant Toast is the name of that one. And then I received *Keep Up The Flame, a deep pigmented red. 
Both are colors I don't normally wear, but thought I'd give it a shot. 
I do realize that the color section was NOT Maybelline's doing. 
I figured I would try the nude color to be on the safe side. When I applied it went on kinda of patchy, so I added another coat. The directions say to let it dry then add the stick balm. Sounds simple...... only it NEVER dried! Instead it turned into the super extremely crazy sticky mess! My lips literally looked and felt like I had super glued them shut!!!! I had to forcefully pull my lips apart. It was crazy. I have to admit I did panic a pinch lol! So I grabbed the balm and applied that. The balm did make the stickiness lessen. Although I could tell it was still there to a point. 
Now that I am teaching I don't really get a chance to reapply.... well ANYTHING really. I talk A TON.  Within an hour I could feel the stickiness coming back. I had to deal with  my lips being very sticky (and very embarrassing). Thank goodness I can go home for lunch.
So I decided to get this stuff of my lips.... WRONG! 
I could not for the life of me remove this lipstick. I tried adding another lipstick over top and wiping it off, makeup wipes, eye makeup remover, and alcohol. It was a mess. I scrubbed so much my lips were swollen and tremendously sore. I ended up just putting chapstick on, to help the pain, redness, and swelling. 
These might work for someone that doesn't have to do a lot of speaking and really really needs their lipstick not to budge for a mass about of time. 
It just wasn't right for me. And yes that disappoints me. :(


I did receive these complementary from Influenster for review purposes. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rimmel brows

Big things are happening over at Rimmel. This time with their brow products. 
I have a few brow products today to share with you, and a couple primers. 
I'll also throw in this amazing mascara that I have been falling in love with.
Sit back and enjoy the post. 

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown
I was very impressed with the color. The powder alone is fairly light but all in all I don't think that is a bad thing. The cream with powder over top to set would be the way I prefer to use this little fella.
It stayed in place from what I gathered. I also only wore it for shorter periods of time. Comes complete with a tiny double sided angle brush and and separate tiny spoolie.
This retails for around $5

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown
(r to l) cream alone, powder alone & cream with powder over to set. 

Brow This Way lightweight gel 
(top to bottom) Medium Brown & Clear

Brow This Way lightweight gel 
(l to r) Medium Brown & Clear
I really was impressed with the gels. I think they stayed in place for a good amount of time. I had them on for a full work day and didn't have any flaking or smudging. My brows didn't feel crunchy and hard, that is a huge deal to me. The brush is just the perfect size, not too big and not tiny, and skinny either! The coverage in the brown gel was just right for my brows. I think someone that is a little more shy with color would love the clear. It's a great option for my 16 y/o daughter as well.
These retail for around $5

Volume Colourist mascara
in black 
HOLY YES!!!! This mascara is AMAZING! I love the natural bristle tapered brush, it makes the mascara apply heavenly. No clumps, lumps or smudging. My lashes felt soft all day. I had tons of length and a good amount of volume. Best part... this mascara actually tints your lashes over time. And it REALLY does. I can already see the difference in mine! This has been my 'go to' mascara for the last week and a half! If anything I am super picky about my mascaras, so this is a huge deal to me.
This retails for around $9

Lasting Finish Primer & Fix and Perfect Primer
So far both of these primers have been ok. I have used primer I like better and I have used primer I like a ton less too. They are definitely not bad primers at all, and great to have on hand, or to have on a budget. They both do what they claim to do. Both also have a little thicker than lotion feel and resemblance. They apply and blend in to the skin nicely. 
Lasting Finish Primer: said to minimize pores and even skin tone for a longer lasting wear on your foundation. Up to 8 hrs of extended wear, Ultra lightweight feel. I really feel that this lives up to its claim. This primer retails for around $8.
Fix & Perfect Primer: said to prime, and prefect by smoothing skin canvas with brightening shield for an easier makeup application. Also helps with mattifiying oily prone skin! This definitely does the job it says it does! All in all this one I did like a pinch better. I'm a sucker for anything that mattifies this oily skin of mine. This primer retails for around $8.

Needless to say these have been under the radar I think, and it's time the come out of hiding! I am super stoked. What's on your wish list?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

She believed she could.....

Today I have a very special post. 
I was recently asked my opinion on a very unique piece of jewelry with a very special meaning. 
The company 'She Believed She Could Bangle' has produced one of the most prettiest bangles I have seen in quite some time. 
I love the fit and feel, of this light weight piece. The size gives it that extra feel of elegance. While the meaning is close to my heart, and gives an easy start to a conversation. It gives me the feeling of importance. And I am happy to spread the word behind the bangle.

There are 2 different options, these come in either silver or gold plating. Hand stamped with the quote 'She Believed She Could So She Did'
There are 4 different sizes to best fit you. 
They also have a 100% money back guarantee. With fast delivery and shipping within 24 hrs. 

*To empower, inspire and provide opportunity for children in developing countries. Giving them the chance to be heard, understood and recognized.
Around the world, millions of girls are refused their basic human rights, simply because they are a girl. Children are often the most vulnerable and tend to feel these effects, live in poverty and be denied access to an education. 
When you invest in girls, the whole world benefits. If a girl is provided with enough to eat, a safe environment, and an education, she will work to raise the standard of living not only for herself, but for her family and her entire community.
(*The paragraph above is directly from the website. And in their words the beautiful meaning behind the bangle)

Here are some fun photos, hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed wearing this piece. 

Very cute packaging 

Definitely something that I cherish in my jewelry collection! As I am sure you will too 

If you were so blessed to pick this up, please let me know! Let me know the story behind yours! 

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