Sunday, October 9, 2016

Influenster and Maybelline??

I have a little bit of a different post today. 
I don't normally post about products that I'm truly not happy with. I would never put up a review or post bashing a company. I do believe in honest reviews, so I have always opted just not to post if I didn't agree with the product or it just didn't really live up to what it was claiming to do. 
But I feel I owe an explanation to why I was extremely disappointed with the Maybelline 24hr Super Stay liquid lipsticks.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Maybelline, I have a great deal of  Maybelline lipsticks, eye-shadows, and mascaras..... They happen to be some of my all time favorites as well! So I am NOT putting down the company, just speaking of a product that didn't go so well for me. 
I received 2 shades in my Influenster VoxBox. 
I was extremely excited to get them...... when I opened the package I was a bit let down with the two colors that were in the box. They were at complete opposite ends of the color spectrum. A very very pale nude (with so much shimmer, it left my lips covered in tiny glitter) *Constant Toast is the name of that one. And then I received *Keep Up The Flame, a deep pigmented red. 
Both are colors I don't normally wear, but thought I'd give it a shot. 
I do realize that the color section was NOT Maybelline's doing. 
I figured I would try the nude color to be on the safe side. When I applied it went on kinda of patchy, so I added another coat. The directions say to let it dry then add the stick balm. Sounds simple...... only it NEVER dried! Instead it turned into the super extremely crazy sticky mess! My lips literally looked and felt like I had super glued them shut!!!! I had to forcefully pull my lips apart. It was crazy. I have to admit I did panic a pinch lol! So I grabbed the balm and applied that. The balm did make the stickiness lessen. Although I could tell it was still there to a point. 
Now that I am teaching I don't really get a chance to reapply.... well ANYTHING really. I talk A TON.  Within an hour I could feel the stickiness coming back. I had to deal with  my lips being very sticky (and very embarrassing). Thank goodness I can go home for lunch.
So I decided to get this stuff of my lips.... WRONG! 
I could not for the life of me remove this lipstick. I tried adding another lipstick over top and wiping it off, makeup wipes, eye makeup remover, and alcohol. It was a mess. I scrubbed so much my lips were swollen and tremendously sore. I ended up just putting chapstick on, to help the pain, redness, and swelling. 
These might work for someone that doesn't have to do a lot of speaking and really really needs their lipstick not to budge for a mass about of time. 
It just wasn't right for me. And yes that disappoints me. :(


I did receive these complementary from Influenster for review purposes. 

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