Tuesday, October 4, 2016

She believed she could.....

Today I have a very special post. 
I was recently asked my opinion on a very unique piece of jewelry with a very special meaning. 
The company 'She Believed She Could Bangle' has produced one of the most prettiest bangles I have seen in quite some time. 
I love the fit and feel, of this light weight piece. The size gives it that extra feel of elegance. While the meaning is close to my heart, and gives an easy start to a conversation. It gives me the feeling of importance. And I am happy to spread the word behind the bangle.

There are 2 different options, these come in either silver or gold plating. Hand stamped with the quote 'She Believed She Could So She Did'
There are 4 different sizes to best fit you. 
They also have a 100% money back guarantee. With fast delivery and shipping within 24 hrs. 

*To empower, inspire and provide opportunity for children in developing countries. Giving them the chance to be heard, understood and recognized.
Around the world, millions of girls are refused their basic human rights, simply because they are a girl. Children are often the most vulnerable and tend to feel these effects, live in poverty and be denied access to an education. 
When you invest in girls, the whole world benefits. If a girl is provided with enough to eat, a safe environment, and an education, she will work to raise the standard of living not only for herself, but for her family and her entire community.
(*The paragraph above is directly from the website. And in their words the beautiful meaning behind the bangle)

Here are some fun photos, hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed wearing this piece. 

Very cute packaging 

Definitely something that I cherish in my jewelry collection! As I am sure you will too 

If you were so blessed to pick this up, please let me know! Let me know the story behind yours! 

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