Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rimmel brows

Big things are happening over at Rimmel. This time with their brow products. 
I have a few brow products today to share with you, and a couple primers. 
I'll also throw in this amazing mascara that I have been falling in love with.
Sit back and enjoy the post. 

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown
I was very impressed with the color. The powder alone is fairly light but all in all I don't think that is a bad thing. The cream with powder over top to set would be the way I prefer to use this little fella.
It stayed in place from what I gathered. I also only wore it for shorter periods of time. Comes complete with a tiny double sided angle brush and and separate tiny spoolie.
This retails for around $5

Brow This Way brow sculpting kit
in medium brown
(r to l) cream alone, powder alone & cream with powder over to set. 

Brow This Way lightweight gel 
(top to bottom) Medium Brown & Clear

Brow This Way lightweight gel 
(l to r) Medium Brown & Clear
I really was impressed with the gels. I think they stayed in place for a good amount of time. I had them on for a full work day and didn't have any flaking or smudging. My brows didn't feel crunchy and hard, that is a huge deal to me. The brush is just the perfect size, not too big and not tiny, and skinny either! The coverage in the brown gel was just right for my brows. I think someone that is a little more shy with color would love the clear. It's a great option for my 16 y/o daughter as well.
These retail for around $5

Volume Colourist mascara
in black 
HOLY YES!!!! This mascara is AMAZING! I love the natural bristle tapered brush, it makes the mascara apply heavenly. No clumps, lumps or smudging. My lashes felt soft all day. I had tons of length and a good amount of volume. Best part... this mascara actually tints your lashes over time. And it REALLY does. I can already see the difference in mine! This has been my 'go to' mascara for the last week and a half! If anything I am super picky about my mascaras, so this is a huge deal to me.
This retails for around $9

Lasting Finish Primer & Fix and Perfect Primer
So far both of these primers have been ok. I have used primer I like better and I have used primer I like a ton less too. They are definitely not bad primers at all, and great to have on hand, or to have on a budget. They both do what they claim to do. Both also have a little thicker than lotion feel and resemblance. They apply and blend in to the skin nicely. 
Lasting Finish Primer: said to minimize pores and even skin tone for a longer lasting wear on your foundation. Up to 8 hrs of extended wear, Ultra lightweight feel. I really feel that this lives up to its claim. This primer retails for around $8.
Fix & Perfect Primer: said to prime, and prefect by smoothing skin canvas with brightening shield for an easier makeup application. Also helps with mattifiying oily prone skin! This definitely does the job it says it does! All in all this one I did like a pinch better. I'm a sucker for anything that mattifies this oily skin of mine. This primer retails for around $8.

Needless to say these have been under the radar I think, and it's time the come out of hiding! I am super stoked. What's on your wish list?

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