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Flash Your Tips

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Some beauties from Flash Your Tips. Originally posted on November 14, 2012 and January 19, 2013 (All My Sisters collection)

Flash Your Tips Drum Roll Please....! Yay, Christmas polishes!!! My favorite time of year!!! This polish has a little spin on the usual red, white, and green combination!!! And I am diggin' it!!! A clear base with small red, and royal blue hexs, medium green hexs, and medium white squares!! I love the blue added in there..... gives it a bit of pizzazz!! I have 2 coats of this polish over Julep Felicity, in this photo!! The application was impeccable!! Don't be a grinch, stop by and pick up some polishes today!!! 

Flash Your Tips Griswold Family Christmas!!!! Another blue, that blew me away!! More and more of these beautiful blue glitters are catching my eye!! This one surely did! A clear base with small white and baby blue squares and small blue hexs. The polish has super smooth application! No digging required! I have on 1 coat of Griswold Family Christmas over Petites Utopia, in this photo!! Blue lovers, run, and grab yours before these are gone...... 

Flash Your Tips Rake 'Em Up!!! This is sooooooo my fave out of the bunch right now!!! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons and I really love fall colors when combined all together. This polish has small orange, brown and yellow hexs, thin green bars and red shreds in a clear base!! Again spectacular application on this one!! I have 2 thin coats of Rake 'Em Up over Essie Nail Polish Miss Sassy Pants, in this photo! It seriously looks just like all the wonderful colors of the leaves! Makes me think of Thanksgiving all over my nails! Who smooshed Tom the Turkey and put him in a bottle? lol! Lovin' this polish so much that I actually did a complete full mani with it so I could wear to my son's Thanksgiving dinner (lunch lol) at school tomorrow!! Go grab this up while you can, you'll thank me later........

All My Sisters Collection

Flash Your Tips Cupid Stunt!! Part of the 'All My Sisters' Collection!!! (released Feb. 1 2013) So pretty, pretty, pretty!! I was super impressed with this polish. SO valentiney!!! lol. A clear base with tiny silver holo glitters, small red hexs, and silver holo bars!! Application was great. I have on 2 thin coats of this polish over Sally Hansen Bubblegum, in this photo. This is a perfect topper for just about any color!! 

Flash Your Tips Daisy Chain!! Part of the 'All My Sisters' Collection!!! (released Feb. 1 2013) This was one of my faves!! I love yellow and black together. This polish has a clear base with very small black hexs, small yellow, transparent yellow, and transparent white squares. Great application. I have on 2 thin coats of this polish over Wet n Wild How I Met Your Magenta, in this photo. I am really diggin' the whole springtime look of this!! Gotta get ya some!

Flash Your Tips Freida Love!! Part of the 'All My Sisters' Collection!!! (released Feb. 1 2013) This honestly reminds me of watermelon. And I have no idea why. I just keep on thinking it every time I look at this polish. So I kinda stuck with the whole spring theme and put 2 thin coats of this polish on over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Pippa, in this photo. Again great application. This polish has a clear base with small black hexs, and small green and pink squares!! Make sure you pick this one up, there are endless possibilities with it! 

Flash Your Tips Hellena Handbasket!!! Part of the 'All My Sisters' Collection!!! (released Feb. 1 2013) Another awesome polish. Very easy application on this one. A clear base with very small white hexs, very small black squares, small pink and transparent pink hexs, ans black diamonds! I super cute look to add to any mani!! I have 2 thin coats of this polish on over Julep Taylor, in this photo. I am so glad I have this polish!! Don't forget to grab yours!!! 

So there ya have it!! :) My little pretties!! 

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