Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Different Dimension Glow in the Dark

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Awesome glow in the dark polishes from Different Dimension. Originally posted September 4, 2012

Different Dimension Ectoplasm! How freakin' cool is this?! This is a very fun and funky look especially with Halloween coming up!! It's a yellow/green milky base with loads of fine black and gold hexs, very small black and gold hexs and small black and gold hexs!! AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Woot woot!! Ectoplasm glows a bright green when charged with a light source!! My kids think this is way cool!! In this photo I have 2 coats on. The application is beautiful!! The glow lasts a darn long time!! I also have to say I helped her name this one!! tehehehe!!! So make sure if you want to have these rockin glow in the dark nails for Halloween you better head over and grab yours before they are all gone!!! Super charged glow in the dark!! LOVE IT!!!! I got up in the middle of the night with one of my little ones to take them to the restroom, when I got back in bed I actually flinched when I saw these green glowing things coming at my face!!! Teaches me to pull the covers up in the dark with Ectoplasm on my nails!!


Different Dimension Smashing Pumpkins...... again I get to gloat (I know it's not nice but....) I helped name this polish too!!! AHHHHHH she glows ORANGE!!!! Hehehe it's like tiny glowing pumpkins on mah fingers!! Smashing pumpkins is a white milky base with lots of fine black glitters, copper holo squares, and small orange and black hexs! This is my sons favorite glow in the dark polish! Very nice application. I have 3 coats on in this photo!! I love this Halloween collection, hurry and get yours before they are all gone!!!


Different Dimension Candied Corn!!! Om nom nom nom!!! Again with the glow in the dark!! I am an absolute nut for these!!! So are my kids!! Even my son wants his nails painted so they can glow!! lol! Candied Corn is a pale yellow chalky base (cuz of the glow in the dark, but don't worry it shines right up with topcoat) with some fine holo glitters, very small white hexs all throughout, small orange and white hexs and medium white hexs! You will go gaga for sure over this one! The application is divine!! I have 2 coats on in this photo with a think topcoat and the glow doesn't fade a bit from it! The charge on this glow stays for an uber long time!! Hurry over and grab yours today!!! 

I can't wait to wear these again!!

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