Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm Doing My Nails Today

*Press sample sent for review

Here is my awesome polish from I'm Doing My Nails Today!! Make sure to check out her store. Original post date was December 2, 2012

I'm Doing My Nails Today Bbrats!!! Part of the Derby collection!! This polish is named after the makers local kids' derby team, the Bradenton Brats. The colors are the team colors and they are GORGEOUS!!!! A green creme base with tiny purple glitters, with very small and small purple squares!! Application was great. It does dry a bit rough, but nothing a topcoat can't smooth out in 1 coat!!  Dry time was great too!! I have 3 thin coats of Bbrats on in this photo!! Very easily one of my favorite polishes!! I adore purple and green together!! And believe it or not this is my first green creme with only purple glitters!!! I LOVE it!!! A total MUST HAVE!!! 

Pretty cute huh??!! <3

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