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My gorgeous Glitzology collection!! Original post dates are November 4, & December 18 2012

Glitzology Baby Dragon!! Super pretty color combo!!! I so want a baby dragon now!! lol! A clear base with very small, small, and medium green, purple and fuchsia hexs, and purple, fuchsia, and green shreds!!! I have on 3 coats of this polish in this photo! Isn't it super fun??!! Seriously I want to paint my walls with it!!! :o) 

Glitzology Bad Things!!! This has to be my favorite out of the bunch so far! It's not often that I pick a berry color as a fave but my goodness this is yummy!!!! A red berry jelly base with a holo dusting and very small black, and silver holo hexs, small red hexs, small silver holo squares, hearts, and red and silver holo shreds!!! wooo weeee mama, talk about a lot of glitter goin' on!!! Super killer on the nail!! I have 3 thin coats of this polish on, in this photo!!! I think this would also make a great V-Day polish too! Head over to the shop now and check out all the goodies over there!!!

Glitzology Corset & Fishnets!! This reminds me of like the midevil clothing the women would wear. Super sexy and all!! Totally love it!!! I am going to be so rockin this polish often!!!! A black jelly base with very small black, purple and dark purple hexs, small gunmetal gray hexs, black thin bars, and purple and dark purple shreds!! I have on 3 coats of this polish in this photo!! You should definitely check out the shop and see what you can find!!! 

Glitzology Lulu Bonanza!! I love wintergreen looking polishes!! lol!! Like pine trees covered in glistening snow!!! A clear base with tiny green hexs, very small green and white hexs, small silver an silver holo squares, green bars, and white thin bars! I have 3 coats of this polish on in this photo!! I would love to experiment and see what it would look like over other colors as well!!! Doesn't it remind you over snow covered trees?!?!! I can't wait for the snowstorms and Christmas time... and this polish is getting me in the mood!! 

Glitzology My Viking Boyfriend!! Isn't this stunning!!! I have really been taking a liking to blues lately!! And this is one of the reasons why!!! I have the BLUES!!! A clear base with kinda a holo dust look, with tiny blue and silver holo hexs, dark blue and silver holo hexs and small silver holo squares!!! Any blue lovers dream come true!! I have 3 coats on in this photo and think it is super gorgeous!! I am so glad I have this in my collection. You should add it too!!! 

Glitzology Nebula!! Okay this polish takes the cake!! There is just something about black and holo together that makes me drool!! I seriously feel like I should be outside looking up at the sky and stars when I look at this polish! I wish every night the sky looked like this!!! A black jelly holo base with very small silver holo hexs, small and medium blue hexs, bright purple shreds, silver holo stars, and medium silver holo squares!!! I have on 3 thin coats of this polish in this photo!! Definitely a little galaxy on each nail!!! 

Glitzology Pixie Dust!!! Ohhhh I love purple and I love iridescent purple too!!! *swoon* I collect fairies and pixies!! I have them all over my home, tattoos, pictures, paintings and an entire glass cabinet full of fairy statues and figurines!! To say I love them is an understatement!! lol!! I couldn't pass up having this in my collection, for all the reasons stated above!! This is one super stunning polish!! A lilac/pink shimmer pearl base with fine lilac holo hexs, small lilac hexs, and small iridescent purple/blue shift squares! I think of the wings of these magical, feisty little beings!!! It makes me smile like no tomorrow!!! (ok geeking out DONE now lol) I have on 3 thin coats of this polish in this photo!! Make sure you grab yours today..... you NEED this polish!! Or just grab it and send it to me!!! hehehee!!! 

Glitzology Black Friday Madness!!! I really think this is a gorgeous polish..... mega sparkle. A clear base with very little black squares, black shreds, black bars, small gold and silver squares, fine gold and silver glitter, and medium gold and silver holo squares!! That is a TON of glittery goodness!! I have on 1 coat of this polish overJulep Ivy, in this photo. The application was great. A definitely sparkle must have!!! 

Glitzology Island Of Misfit Toys!!! One of my top picks for holiday 2012 polish. This is like a little color explosion on your nails!! A white pearly shimmer base with very small red hexs, small blue and yellow hexs, small green and purple squares and medium red squares! This is THE cutest polish!! The application was perfect! This is just 2 coats of this polish in this photo!! It's amazing and gorgeous!!! Yay!!  

Glitzology Mrs. Grinch!!! This is by far my favorite of the "Bad Santa' collection!!! I actually have a full mani of this on and am going to wear it for my sons Christmas party at school tomorrow!!!! It is stunning!!! A very sheer light green shimmer base with very small pale green and red hexs, very small red squares, small emerald green squares, little iridescent glitters, and red bars! The application was perfect. I have 2 thin coats of this polish on, over American Eagle green, in this photo. Make sure if you pick up a holiday polish, you grab this one!!! Hurry, hurry!!! 

Glitzology Sock Monkey!!! OMG!!! I soooo remember my sock monkey when I was little and I adored him! I wish I still had him!! His big 'ol red lips and all!! To be a kid again......! This has a shimmery tan/gold base with tiny brown squares, tiny red hexs, small red, brown and tan hexs, and medium white hexs, and medium red squares!! Again application was great!!!! I have on 2 coats of this polish, on it's own, in this photo. I love this, it's just like the real deal!! Everyone that owns a sock monkey needs to own this Sock Monkey too!!! 

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