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Kawaii Nail Lacquer Halloween collection 2012

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Here is a fun collection from Kawaii Nail Lacquer from the Halloween collection of 2012. Original date posted was September 13, 2012

Autumn Leaves isn't a part of the Halloween collection..... but..... it was a fall polish and I thought I should throw that one in her too!!! 

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Autumn Leaves! Ahhhh Fall at last! This is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it, and most of all I love the changing leaves!! There is something so ethereal about the whole process to me! So here we have a clear base with tiny gold hexs, and small brown, gold and orange hexs! I couldn't have thought up a better way to express how the leaves look, than this polish! I have on 1 coat of Autumn Leaves over Julep Otte! Perfect application! I am sure you could get this baby to opaque in just a few coats!! If you love fall like I do, I know you will adore this polish! ;o)

Halloween Collection 2012

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Witches Brew!! Part of The 2012 Halloween Collection!! This polish is just so unique.... I love the color combo in this! Glitter makes me a very happy girl!! Witches Brew has a clear base with fine black and very, very pale sea-foam green glitters, small black and very, very pale sea-foam green hexs, medium black and very, very pale sea-foam green hexs, and thin black bars! Great application as always! I have 2 thin coats of Witches Brew over Essie Nail Polish No Place Like Chrome! Hurry over now and pick up these great Halloween colors before they all disappear!!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Sweet Tooth!!!! Yay part of the 2012 Halloween collection! What kid doesn't have a sweet tooth and what mom doesn't have a polish sweet tooth?! I do I do!! I went ahead and put Sweet Tooth over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Raven just so you could see all the 'sweetness' of this polish. A clear base with fine white glitter, with small yellow, orange and white hexs, and thin white bars!!! Application was SWEET!!! hehehe! I have 2 very thin coats on in this photo! Om NOM NOM NOM!!! Don't eat your own fingers (or mine for that matter) when wearing this polish........

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Pumpkin Juice!! Part of The 2012 Halloween Collection!! OMG this is my FAVORITE Halloween polish from Kawaii! Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Something about these colors together just makes me drool! lol!! Pumpkin Juice is a very sheer charcoal gray base with purple shards, very small orange hexs and small green hexs!! Very even application! I have 2 thin coats over Rimmel London Zeitgeist! Very stunning polish... I think I shall layer this over lots and lots more!!! I also think I need back ups of this!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Midnight Magic!!! Part of The 2012 Halloween Collection!! This is one the prettiest holo scattered glitter polishes that I have seen in forever!!! Midnight Magic is a ton of very small and small hexs, thin bars and small stars of silver HOLO in a sheer charcoal gray base!!! So pretty I can't wait to try this over every color I own!! Perfect application! I have 2 thin coats over Essie Nail Polish Armed & Ready! This polish IS magic, run and get yours today...... No tellin what combos you can come up with, with this polish in your collection!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Boo!!! Part of The 2012 Halloween Collection!! Ahhhhhh!! Scared ya huh??!! lol! Can I just say, how stinkin' cute is this dang label!??! Boo is classic Halloween colors, with fine black glitters, small black and orange hexs, and thin black bars in a clear base. To keep the Halloween theme I used Julep Nail Parlor Alma as undies with 2 thin coats of Boo! Scary great application!! Don't be scared hurry over and grabs yours today!!!

So there they are!!! :)

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