Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feenix Polish Fall collection 2012

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some from Feenix Polish's Fall collection 2012. Originally posted on August 30, 2012

Feenix Polish Candy Corn. One of the beauties from their fall line! Ahhh I absolutely love Halloween polishes... and this one is no exception!! Candy Corn is in a clear base packed full with yellow, white and orange small hexs! This is yum~o!!! I have so many ideas for this polish!! I have Candy Corn over another Feenix Polish Twigs! I used 2 very light coats in this photo! The application was perfect and evenly dispersed! Hurry over and grab some up before they are gone!!

Feenix Polish Halloween Party! One of the beauties from their fall line! This is my favorite one out of the fall line!! Woot woot!! Halloween Party is a sheer charcoal jelly, with various sizes of green, orange and purple hexs!! The application on this baby was awesome!!! I think it would look great over a basic black too!!! I have 3 coats here in this photo! If you are crazy about Halloween polishes like I am, you definitely need to grab this one up!!

Feenix Polish Twigs! One of the beauties from their fall line! This really does make you think of fall, and all the changing colors and shades of green. Twigs is an olive green shimmery polish with flashes of gold and green. It's very pretty on it's own, or used as 'undies' for some of their other polishes in their fall line (or any polish for that matter). Application was heavenly! I have 2 coats on here in this photo and I could have gotten away with just 1 to be honest!! It has magnificent coverage!!! So get over there and pick one up!!! lol

Feenix Polish Cammie! Okay ya'll this is my ALL TIME favorite camo polish. My hubby was even looking at it while painting a model car with a glint in his eye. I know the next time he paints he's gonna try and grab it to paint a car lol!!! Over my dead body!! lol! This has to be one of the most spot on camo's I've seen. The application was like butt~ah!!! I have 2 coats of this polish over another one of Feenix Polish's colors called Twigs! Great complimentary colors in my opinion. Cammie is a sheer khaki shimmer base loaded with 14 different glitters in various shapes and sizes of greens, browns, gold, and gray. I actually had to look the glitters up on their site because I couldn't pick them all out!! lol!! Just like all the shapes and patterns in true camo, there is NO definite pattern! Like Feenix states in their description this is a very complex polish. But one of my all time faves EVER!! She has turned that complexity into true beauty!!

Thanks for checking them out!! 

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