Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Ipsy: Glamour Academy

Ipsy August bag!! Glamour Academy! I have to say I think this HAS to be my favorite bag yet!! I am sooooo happy with this bag. Woot woot. Ipsy (for those of you that don't know) is a monthly subscription box for $10..... you get 5 beauty items related to the quiz you take, to see what is suited best for you. It is an amazing way to try out new products and brands without the burden of a big price tag and then being disappointed. You can cancel whenever. I have yet to get something I don't like. And the products are NOT foil packet samples... these are good sized products!! Only $10, it's like a little monthly treat! I know it's one of the more exciting things, I look forward to. If you want to sign up for Ipsy just click right HERE!!!

......on to the bag o' goodies.....

First check out that BAG!! How cute is that?! It's a vibrant purple with gold academy symbols all over it. Cute. 

...and the products.... 
Michael Todd jojoba charcoal gentle exfoliating facial scrub, MicaBeauty eyeshadow in Bronze (gorgeous), Pixie Beauty lash booster mascara~ blackest black, Pacifica Alight multi-mineral BB cream, and my most favorite item in the whole bag..... Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Anarchy!!! 

because like most girls this is what I was looking forward to in my bag, here is a swatch of Urban Decay Anarchy!! {angels singing} I love this color, it is an amazingly gorgeous hot pink! The formula is otherworldly! lol! I was going to buy this just for the name alone (yes I am a SUPER HUGE SOA fan).... but the color is mind blowingly BAD ASS!!! 

I will keep you updated about the other couple products when I use them, which will be super soon!! :) I will list where you can purchase all these great products below (just click on the name and it will take you straight to their site). Remember if you wanna sign up for Ipsy yourself and start receiving awesome bags every month then just click right HERE!!!!


Check out Ipsy here 

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