Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Avengers Collection 2012

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This is one of the first collections that I swatched. I really love all of these. The original post date on these were August 7, 2012.....

The Avengers Collection

Lookie lookie...... Kawaii Nail Lacquer Hawkeye. Another one in the Avengers collection. Loving the purple as always! Hawkeye is in a clear base then added in are very fine black glitters, black bars, small silver, pale lavender, grape, and black hexs!! This one is a definite in any collectors stash. Application was good. I have 3 coats to make opaque, in which I use the dabbling method. To layer this over another color the application is very good, no dabbling necessary lol!!! Head over a take a looksie for yourself!

Here is Kawaii Nail Lacquer Thor. Yet another Avenger yay!! This one, the gorgeous Thor is very unique. All in a clear base and added is lots and lots of small silver and red hexs, very small red hexs, red bars, and silver shards! These shards set this polish in a whole new category! Great application, some dabbling to get it to opaque, but great layered over another color as well, without using the dabbling method  I have 3 coats on here. You must check out Thor, it is by far a definite collector color!!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Iron Man. I love love love these colors for fall. I have been real big in the orange and gold scheme..... Can you tell I am really wanting fall to come??!! lol! Iron Man is part of the Avengers collection. yay! Iron Man is a clear base with small orange, gold holos, silver and red hexs, and orange bars!! Beautiful combo. I have 3 coats to opaque in this photo using the dabbling method. Again great application! If applying over another color application is great so dabbles needed!!! Go check out the shop and pick up some of these great Avengers!!!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer The Hulk!!! This is another great polish that is part of the Avengers collection!!! The Hulk is my favorite out of all the Avengers, because of course it has my favorite colors in it! WOOT WOOT!!! The Hulk is a clear based polish with small, grape purple, lime and emerald green hexs, and lots of very fine grape purple glitters!! This polish is off the charts in the awesome-ness area!! LOVE IT!!! This polish applies like a dream! I have 2 coats on in this photo over a basic white creme! Head of to her shop and check out which Avengers you love the best!!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Loki. Part of the great Avengers collection yay!!! Loki is in a clear base with very small green hexs, golden bars and gold holo small hexs!! Very different but very pretty!!! The gold holos caught me off guard when I was taking photos, but I am glad it did, it was so pretty to look at!!! Great application as always from Kawaii. I have Loki over Essie Nail Polish Navigate Her! Head on over to her shop and make sure you grab up some of these Avengers!!!!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Black Widow. Part of the Avengers collection Black Widow is a clear based polish with very fine black glitters, fine red glitters, very small red, black and silver hexs, small matte red hexs and some small silver shards!!! Phew.... tons of glitter in the glitter bomb!! Good application. I have 3 coats in this photo. The Avengers are a beautiful looking collection. Even if you don't know anything about them, you will definitely want the polishes!!! TRUST ME!!! 

Woo Hoo!! Check this out.... Kawaii Nail Lacquer Captain America!!! Not only is it part of her Avengers line but it makes a super great patriotic polish.... and ya'll know I love patriotic polish!!!! This polish is set in a clear base with red, white and blue bar glitters, holo stars, silver, red, white, and blue, hexs in different sizes and even squares!!! Totally diggin the holo stars!! Super cute.... I have it over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Robyn!!! Super great application, no digging for glitter!!!! Hurry now and go grab a bottle so you can wear it on the 4th of July... I know I will be!!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking them out!!

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