Monday, August 12, 2013

F4 Polish

*Press sample sent for review

Here are some gorgeous polishes from F4 polish. One a my fave indie brands!! Original post dates are June 24, 2012, January 19, and June 9 2013

Lookie Lookie.... F4 Polish Grape Escape!! Yum... Again with the purple OMG! Such a pretty mix of all types of purples all rolled into one great polish. There is fine, matte, hexs, and holo glitter in this purple lovers dream polish!! And in the sun... can we say holy holo!! 3 coats here and went on GREAT!

Another patriotic polish you say?? Why yes... yes it is!!!F4 Polish Party in the USA! The name says it all... it's like a little party on each finger! Fine holo blue glitters mixed with some little red squares and white diamonds gives each finger and happy little party! Great 4th of July polish... go swoop it up so you can wear it on the 4th too!!!

Girly ALRET!!! F4 Polish Pink Penquin! Super girly and feminine... I love this look. Not overpowering in color but just enough POP to make you stare at you nails. Fine black and white glitters with small (but bigger than the others) pink hexs in a clear base. Great polish to wear out on the town and to work! Application was normal for a glitter and spread great. All around great polish!!!

Ahhhhh *sigh* So elegant! F4 Polish Piper. I wish I knew where the name came from.... I always think of Piper from Charmed (loved that show). Such pretty colors... purple, lavender, and white hexs and squares in all kinds of sizes in a clear base. Was a bugger to photograph lol. Would be awesome layered over just about any purple polish or just coated to opacity! Great application for larger glitters too!! Love it!! 

F4 Polish Snow Cap Mountain. This polish totally reminds me of my childhood!! I think it's the color combo, I just LOVE it!! Clear base with fine pink and silver holo glitters, and smaller blue and white glitters!! Oh childhood!!! Such a fun and funky great combo!! Definitely run over and grab a bottle..... or 2!!! 

Tomboy!!! Ahhhh GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!! I didn't even realize this was a GitD until I walked in my bathroom and was like "oh..... why... looky here"! lol!! This polish is AWESOME! A super light baby blue creme base with this crazy blue shimmer, that makes the entire base seem bright baby blue!! With small pink circles, small teal, purple, and blue hexs, and medium teal and purple hexs!!! I am in love!!! Application was great!! This is 3 thin coats of this polish in this photo! A very super fun green glow too! A definite 'MUST'!!! 

Peachy Pie!!! Oh I really love peaches!! A this is stunning. A light peach creme base with a hint of gold shimmer, and tiny purple and bright peach hexs, and small purple hexs. Great application. I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo. Peach looks so lovely on tons of skin tones. A very easy new 'go to' for me!!! 

Avalanche!! Wooo hooo!! A white creme!! Score!!! This is gorgeous!! A white creme base with an array of different sizes, shapes and colors. It is super yummy!!! I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo. Application was perfect. If you are a white creme lover, make sure you grab yours today. You don't wanna miss this one!!! 

F4 Polish Jungle Juice!! Part of the Neon Jelly collection!! This has a bright neon lime green jelly base with very small and small blue hexs, medium green hexs, and small green squares!!!!! I am totally in love with this green!!! Go get you some of this!!!  I have on 3 coats of this polish, in this photo. I could have gotten away with 2 but I love 3 coats with jellies!! Great application!! I love this collection!!  

F4 Polish Blue Lagoon!! Part of the Neon Jelly collection!! A bright blue jelly base with small pink and green squares, medium pink squares, small blue hexs, and medium blue and green hexs! Lots of great colors in this beautiful polish! I have on 3 coats of this polish, in this photo. I could have gotten away with 2 but I love 3 coats with jellies!! Great application!! I love this collection!!  

F4 Polish Aruba!! Part of the Neon collection!! A very bright neon orange creme base with tiny purple and orange glitters!! This is my favorite out of the neons!! AMAZING!!! I have on 2 coats of this polish, in this photo. Great application!! I love this collection!! 

Definitely keepers!!!

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