Saturday, August 10, 2013


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Laquerlicious~ for sure....Check these polishes out. Original post date was December 16, 2012

Laquerlicious Fancy Concrete!! I totally want concrete all around my house that looks exactly like this. With a medium gray creme/jelly base there are tiny magenta, pink and silver hexs, small magenta, pink and black hexs, small black squares, medium black and pink squares, small magenta circles and large gray circles! phewwww..... I think I got it all!!! This is so pretty!! The application was great. I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo. If you love grays this is a must for your collection!! I am super glad I have this!!! Gahhhh, I love it!!! 

Laquerlicious Strawberry Cosmo!! Holy crap this is freaking AHHHHHHH~MAZING!!! I can not say how stunning this polish is!! I am madly in love with it. I have a full mani of it on RIGHT now and even have it on my toes!! I have NO polish like this.... and I can't quit staring at it. This photo can not do it justice. I am not a BIG pink fan but my god right now this IS my favorite polish! This is a hologram polish!! A magenta/pink jellish base with fine magenta holo gitter small pink, purple and magenta holo hexs, medium magenta holo hexs, with flashes of orange!! It literally dances on your nails. It's like those 3d hologram stickers when you tilt them and they change and move on ya. This is 2 thin coats, I have on in this photo. Application was beautiful. This is insanely gorgeous!! I can't say enough. YOU NEED THIS POLISH!!!!! Make it your next purchase!!! 

Laquerlicious Indigo Storm!!! I dig dark vampy purples and this is NO disappointment! I am gaga for this polish. A deep purple jelly base with teeny tiny magenta and holoy giltters throughout, small iridescent blue hexs and multi colored itsy bitsy bar glitters! I have 3 thin coats of this polish on, in this photo. Application was perfect. Can you see the flashiness of the blue??? Yum! This is awesome!! Definitely go pick up a bottle!!! 

So what do you think??!! 

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