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some fun things from All That Glitters

*Press sample sent for review

I have some random swatches of some great polishes from All That Glitters... so here they are. Originally posted on June 23 & 25, August 29, and September 16, 2012.

Cha Cha real slow and take a looksie!!!! All That Glitters Cha Cha Twist!!! This is such a sparkly vivid blue... love it!!!! Red squares and hexs, silver bars and big hexs, deep blue hexs, and lots of aqua/teal hexs and shimmer in a sheer aqua jelly-ish base!!! Oh the joys of being blue!!! This is another polish that I think would be great for a forth of July mani too!!! Make sure you grab this when you check out her lovely store.. you won't be sorry!!! 

Soft and beautiful All That Glitters Dear Hearts!! I love this pink tinted shimmery chrome base with tons of silver fine and small sparkles, and red, pink and lavender hearts!! Total glitter bomb yet still soft and beautiful!! 3 coats here and went on great... didn't have to dig to get the hearts!!!! Winner!!! This has stolen my heart!

OMG!!! Ya'll know how 'patriotic polish' crazy I am!!! Check out All That Glitters Glitter Glory!!! Perfect for the 4th of July! Stunning and super, super sparkly!!! Little shiny red, white and blue hexs in a clear base!! Great layered over virtually any color.... a total stunner on it's own too!! I am so super happy I have this to add to my collection of patriotics... an easy fave!!! This is a Limited Edition so run and grab yours!!!

Check out All That Glitters Pink Lady!!! I have never been a real big fan of pink, but I really think she nailed this color. She has sucked me in with her pinks :o) Pink Lady is a jelly holo base with lots and lots of pink and red glitters in all kinds of shapes and sizes, hexs, bars and circles, in light and dark pinks. YAY for pink! If your a pink lover this is a definite MUST buy for your polish collection!

ohhhhh PURPLE!!!! All That Glitters Plum & Plummer! wow.... stunning polish. There is a pale lavender/gray base then a good amount of light purple and gray glitters in all different sizes of hexs and circles! Then there are the large gunmetal gray hexs that push this polish into the uber AMAZING category!! Application is flawless!!! Needless to say I am really fond of this polish!! Another purple must have!

Here is All That Glitters Ruler of My Heart!!! A clear base with fine, bar and heart HOLO glitters packed right in!!  this over any color! Here Ruler of My Heart is over Zoya Venus!!! This is the perfect Valentines Day polish.... just put it over red or pink and you have a very elegant V-day mani!! Application was good, again didn't have to fish around to get the hearts out!!!

Holy HOLO!!!! All That Glitters Space Rock!! This has to be one of my absolute faves from ATG!!! This is holo mania! A clear base with fine and hex holos EVERY WHERE!!! This polish sparkles so much that when I took a photo outside it literally blinded me for a minute through the lens! My photo came out as a huge shine spot!! That my dears is heaven in a bottle!! If you miss out on this polish, someone is definitely bond to find you crying in the corner!! GO.... GO get it now!!!

I'm seeing spots..... All That Glitters Spotty Dottie Dark! The name says exactly what you get.... spots! Spotty Dottie Dark is black hexs in all different sizes and bar glitters in a clear base. Changes any mani into something funky fresh! From L to R we have 2 coats over China Glaze Riveting, basic white, Zoya Wednesday, and China Glaze Grape Juice!!

Here we have the opposite to SDD..... All That Glitters Spotty Dottie Light!!! Yay!! Clear base with white bars and all sizes of white hex glitters! Adds a little pizzazz to any mani and any color!!! Here I have it over (from L to R) China Glaze Grape Juice, Zoya Wednesday, basic black, and China Glaze Riveting! Spruce up a mani for fun with this 'spot on' polish!!!

Oh la la!! All That Glitters Very Peacock-ish!!! Very gorgeous vibrant blue/green/teal pearly base with lots of blue and green glitters in different sizes and shapes, there are even bar glitters in there. And then there are these large gold and black opal hexs!! Oh my!! The black opal hexs change color flashes!! Great application!! Pure genius on this polish! It really looks like the beautiful colors in a male peacock's tail!! Stunner!

And then there was All That Glitters Vinyl Junkie!!! oh yeah! This puts a creative twist on black polishes everywhere. This smoldering deep charcoal gray pearl base loaded with black glitters in all different sizes and shapes gives this polish mega depth! One of my fave black polishes!!! The pearl finish give this polish tons of shine too!! Applies like a dream. 

All That Glitters Hole Hearted Remix!!! I you love the original version you are sure to fall head over heels for the remix!! In a clear base there are very small and small white hexs and small black hearts!!! Yup. you read that right BLACK hearts!!! I have 1 coat of Hole Hearted Remix over Essie Nail Polish Brazilliant! Super great application on this one too!! Definitely go pick yours up today!!

All That Glitters Hole Hearted!!! New and reformulated!!! The new version has white hearts that are a little more see through~ish but that means they are a lighter glitter and easier to apply = NO DIGGING!!! yay!!! Hole Hearted is in a clear base with white hearts and small black hexs!! This looks great over anything!! I only have 1 coat over a Turquoise holo and I think it looks stunning!!

See!?!?! These are so cute. Man I can sure tell the difference from when I first started until now!! :)

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