Sunday, August 11, 2013


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My lovely Windestine cuties!! This lady can make some AH-MAZING polishes!! :)
Original post dates were December 19, 2012

Windestine Crushed Rose!!! This is a soft and sweet topcoat to add to any beautiful manicure. A clear base with clearish white, and baby pink shreds, and small pale pink and light yellow hexs. This polish has great application. I have on 1 coat over Windestines Inner Glow in this photo. Make sure to stop by and check out all there is in the shop!!! 

Windestine Inner Glow!! I really love this nude shade. I got plenty of compliments on it as well. This is a nude, light tan scattered holo. The coverage is great! I only have on 3 thin coats in this photo. Applies beautifully! This honestly has to be my favorite nude at the moment!!  The holo in this is super gorgeous. Definitely try it out!!! 

Windestine Jacquimo!!!! I have really fallen for these corally shades lately!! This is STUNNING!!!! A beautiful shade of cantaloupe with holo shimmer!! I have on 2 coats of this polish, in this photo!! Application is perfect on this one!! A definite MUST HAVE, especially for this coming spring. And if you love corals, you will for sure love this one too!!! 

Windestine Pond Patrol!!!! Look how super cute this is!!! OMG, I will be getting a full size bottle of this SOON! I love greens and this is awesome!!! A grass green jelly base with magenta, pale green and pale blue glitters, very small pale green, pale blue and pale pink hexs and small pale blue, pale green and pale pink hexs!! The application is crazy awesome!! I love it!! I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo. If your a green lover, make sure you grab this one too!!! A great Easter mani idea!!! 

Windestine TBA!!! ahhhhh it's like chocolate on steroids!! This is gorgeous!! A milk chocolate brown base with tons of pink and holo shimmer all throughout!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!! Applies like butttahh!!! I have on 2 coats of this polish, in this photo! My sister likes browns and I think this would be a go to for her, for sure!!! I know I am thinking it's going to be for me! 

Windestine Twirling Upwards!!! This polish really surprised me. In the bottle it's more of a clay color. It's a bit brighter on the nail.  I don't normally lean towards the orange side, even though I like most. I know, what can I say, I'm odd!! lol!! But this is exceptionally beautiful!! A clay orange creme/jelly base with pink shimmer, fine and very small gold hexs glitter. I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo. Application was great! I am all for trying things that you wouldn't normally and I am so glad I have this...... it really is gorgeous!!! 

Which one is your favorite??!!

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