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Kawaii Nail Lacquer RANDOMS!!!

*Press sample sent for review

Again I have some more great randoms from Kawaii Nail Lacquer!!! Can't get enough of that great brand!! Original post dates will be under the photos!! :)

October 25, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Slime Time!! Any one that loves green will want this polish for sure! Sooo packed full of all shades of green glitters, you'll go gaga over it. In a clear base there are fine pale green glitter, tiny pale green hexs, very small green hexs, and small pale green and silver hexs!! Awesome application! I have 2 thin coats of Slime Time over China Glaze Nail Lacquer Bizzare Blurple and Max Factor UK Fantasy Fire!! Woot!! Super gorgeous!! I love me some green, and purple too!!! Ahhhhh, soooo glad I have this polish in my collection!! You should too!!! 

and over Julep Leah

October 25, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Tequila Rose!!! Okay a tiny bit of recognition has to go out to Mr. Kawaii and Mr. Kansas Nail Graffiti because they both came up with this name! We had to share a laugh when they both said the same thing!! Tequila Rose is a rosey pink jelly-ish creme base, with tiny pink and holo pink hexs, very small pink and red hexs, and small pink holo hexs!!!! This is such an awesome pink polish!!! I have on only 2 coats in this photo!! Super smooth application!!! Make sure you snatch yours up soon!!!  

November 16, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Birthday Surprise!! Yay, birthday cake on my fingers,  to not being able to lick it off! lol...... This polish is very yummy looking. A white creme base with very small yellow, blue, green, red, orange, and purple hexs and small red, yellow, blue, purple, orange and green hexs! Super smooth application! I have on 3 thin coats in this photo!! I absolutely adore this polish!! If you love white polishes you better grab this one up!! Om nom nom nom!!! 

November 17, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Gold Spill!! I wish all spills looked this dang good. This polish is a very sheer charcoal black jelly with flecks and hexs of gold glitter. I have on 1 coat of this polish, over a basic black cream from Wet N Wild, in this photo. It looks crazy awesome by it's self as well, I had it opaque in 3 coats. I like it like this too. I love sheer brown/blacks! The application was perfect. Pictures do not do this beauty justice!! 

and 3 coats alone

November 16, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Purple Chaos!!! *CLAPS* Bravo..... this is STUNNING!!! This right here is one of the main reasons in life that I LOVE PURPLE!!! Check this out... a sheer blurple jelly base with very small purple holo hexs, small and medium blue hexs and medium purple squares!!! OHmahGawd this is SOOOOOO gorgeous!! I have 3 thin coats of Purple Chaos on in this photo!! The polish glided on like buttahhh!! This is crazy beautiful and you won't be sorry once you get this polish on your nails!!!

November 16, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Wedding Day!! OMG!! Elegance in a bottle. This is so super sweet. It makes me smile just looking at it!! A clear base with fine holo dust and very small and small white hexs, and clear/pearl white hearts!! I have on 1 coat of Wedding Day over OPI Grape Escape in this photo. Application was good, heart glitter is always a bit tricky, but this was unusually easy to use! Such a feminine look. So beautiful!!! 

December 8, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Blow My Dress Up!! Another purple lovers delight from Kawaii!!! A clear base with very small grape, plum, and lavender purple hexs, small steel and lilac purple hexs, and small thin silver holo bars. This combo in so awesome. Application was great. I have on 1 coat of this polish over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Wednesday, in this photo. The contrast in these different shades of purple is gorgeous! Don't forget to grab a bottle to add to your collection! 

December 8, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Pink Strikes At Midnight!! AHHHHHH gorgeous!!! This girl never stops with the amazing creations!! I am drooling over here!! A sheer light gray jelly base with very small grape, and magenta hexs, small pink holo, magenta, and raspberry hexs, and small light lilac squares!! Application couldn't have been better. I have on 1 coat over OPI A French Quarter For Your Thoughts on my pointer and ring finger, and 2 coats on it's own on my middle and pinkie finger, in this photo! Run...... go get this polish!!! Oh Me Oh My!! You NEED it!!! 

August 7, 2012
The gorgeous Jamie from Kawaii Nail Lacquer made me a special polish Upside Down Barney!!! I am super proud to say she is such a good friend!! isn't it a beauty!!! (not for sale, this was a custom)

February 5 2013
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Barney's Dance Party!!! YES!!!! I love these colors!!! WoOt WOot!! A white creme base with tiny green hexs, very small magenta hexs, small green hexs and squares, and small magenta circles!!! Is this to die for or what!!! Absolute love!! I have on 1 coat of this polish over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Purity, in this photo. Application was stellar! Definitely need to rock this look often!! 

February 4 2013
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Crazy Dot Party!!! Circle TIME!!! Lovin the dot glitters!!! This is a black jelly base with small red, gold, fuchsia, green, blue, pink and aqua circles!!! Easy application!!! I have 2 very thin coats of the polish on over a basic black creme, in this photo. I'm seeing dots, I'm seeing dots!! And I love it!! 

Amazing!! I can't get over how great her polishes are!! Stay tuned there are still plenty more to come from Kawaii Nail Lacquer!!

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