Monday, August 12, 2013

Pop Culture Cosmetics Halloween 2013 collections

*Press sample sent for review

Today I have some amazing polishes from a great polish maker. Pop Culture Cosmetics has a few different Halloween collections this year. I have a couple from them and want to share them with you. 

Wickedly Fabulous collection
Toil & Trouble....
a purple jelly with tons of different sized circle glitters in an array of different colors. This is 2 thin coats over a white cream polish. great formula and application

Fall Festivals collection

Jack O'Lantern....
this is an orange jelly packed with tiny orange glitter, small black and orange diamonds, circles, and rectangles. I have on 2 thin coats over a white cream :) great formula and application

Friday The 13th....
ohhhh definitely one of my favorites..... a sheer black jelly jammed packed full of every size and shape of holo glitters. It even has small stars and moons!! This is 2 thin coats over a black cream. great formula and application

The Haunted Manor collection

The Doomed Buggy....
a beautiful sheer black jelly with small moons, stars, squares, hexes, and circles in different colors. I have on 2 thin coats over a black cream polish. great formula and application, this one requires a little of the dabbing method but nothing hard about that ;)

Happy Haunts....
ohhhh can you say GLOW IN THE DARK!! The charge on this is incredible. A clear~ish base with lots of aqua and turquoise fine glitters, and small glitters. small aqua stars, even some black and turquoise holo circles.YUM..... this is 2 thin coats over a light gray cream. great formula and application

look at that charge..... a beautiful bright aqua glow

Til Death Do Us Part....
this is my first thermal color changing polish. a clear base with holo shimmer throughout. little white, red, and black shaped glitters, iridescent tiny squares and small red hearts and circles, small black and silver holo circles, and silver holo hexes. I have 2 thin coats over a gray cream polish. Great formula and application. This changes to black when cold. I had a bear of a time photographing this. lol, My fingers were SO cold, as I dried them off they'd fade back. lol.... I can't wait to wear this in the winter so I can watch the shift. (sticking them in ice water was REALLY cold hahaha)

it gets BLACK..... I think with the drying my fingers off and the flash it muted the darkness of the black.... but don't let it fool ya... she gets DARK BLACK!!! 

So overall these were amazing!! I love Happy Haunts and Jack O'Lantern!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the collections. Which are your favorites!?

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