Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer randoms

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I have some Kawaii Nail Lacquer randoms that NEED to be seen :) The dates these originally debuted, I will add under the photo since they differ so much. 

June 27, 2012
PARTY!!!!! It's a party in a bottle!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer Party Rock!!! That is exactly what you get!!!! Tons of glitters in all shapes and sizes! Red, blue, green, purple, gold, silver, even white and holos packed into a clear base!!!! A rainbow glitter BOMB!!!! Again great application!! Any glitter polish fanatic needs to rush over and grab a few bottles for themselves... you won't be sorry!!!

July 23, 2012
OMG, look at this. this is Kawaii Nail Lacquer Snowglobe. This looks so winter-y, and it's been extremely hot here, which makes this polish all the more wonderful to me! :o) I have Snowglobe over a rich dark blue, Sinful colors Midnight Blue to be exact, and I think it makes this polish stand out for miles!!!! Snowglobe is a glitter bomb packed with silver holo, and sky blue extra small hexs and white small hexs! It also has a generous amount of extra fine white glitter, and white bar glitter! Great application as well! When you give this polish a shake, it's just like looking at a 'snowglobe'!! So hop on over to her shop and grab a bottle! When you get this polish home, go ahead and shake it up, and stare. It makes you feel just like a kid again!!!

July 23, 2012
This is Kawaii Nail Lacquer Starlight, Starbright!! I have really been liking rainbow type glitter polishes lately. This one takes the cake though...... loaded with orange, red, white, yellow/gold, silver holo, blue, green, and purple small hexs, white bar glitters, and RED STARS in a clear base!!!! yay!! Again smooth application, NO digging around for the stars either! I have Starlight, Starbright layered over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Maya here!! I am really loving this rainbow glitter!! Super cute polish, and such an adorable fitting name!!! Don't forget to grab a couple bottles of this, so you always have a backup!!

August 2, 2012
Here is Colorblind over gray for Miss Jamie!!! :o) OPI A French Quarter For Your Thoughts. Black, White, Black, White........ Kawaii Nail Lacquer Colorblind! There is NO gray when in comes to this polish. A clear base with black, and white small hexs and black and white bar glitters!! Anyone that collects nail polish needs to grab this up! Colorblind can dress up any ordinary color! I think I am seeing spots......... lol!

August 2, 2012
I could only wish that one day I could get caught in a blizzard that was as gorgeous as this!!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer Pink Blizzard!! Jam packed full of small silver holos, white, hot pink and pale pink hexs, white bars, very small silver hexs and fine white glitters! Did I mention flawless application? Cuz if I didn't let me tell ya, it is wonderful!! I have Pink blizzard over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Pippa! This polish is top notch!!! I am a very very lucky girl to have this polish!! You could be lucky too, just get over there and grab a bottle..... or two.... or three!!

August 2, 2012
Someone pass the pink!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer Pink Martini. I don't drink but this is surely making me curious!! lol! Pink Martini is full of small pink, magenta, rose, white and holo glitters. Topped with Medium sized white hexs to give en extra little something to this polish. Pink Martini has a clear base so it would look stunning over virtually any color of the rainbow. I got a little feisty and decided I would go with making it opaque. I have on 3 good coats here in this photo!!! Great application, and a darn good shine to boot! So shake on over to Kawaii's shop and pink.... I mean pick up a few!!

August 2, 2012
I am in love!!! ahhhhh this is so refreshing!!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer Wintergreen! I can NOT wait to wear this polish around the holidays!! Talk about a stunner! Fine white glitter, small green, white and silver holo hexs and white bar glitters in a clear base!!! I know I will be having some laying fun with this one! I have Wintergreen over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Charisma! Application is pure awesomeness!!  I love this combo!!! So head over to Kawaii and pick up a few! 

August 7, 2012
 Kawaii Nail Lacquer Purple Ice!!! Holy guacamole!!!! This is such a stunner purple mixture. It is so much more beautiful in person too! Pure Ice is set in a clear base, with white bars, very small silver hexs, small lilac, white, and lavender hexs!! This is a purple polish lovers dream come true!! Automatically one of my faves. Application was a dream! I have 3 coats to opaque in this photo!! You definitely need to head on over to her shop and check it out!!!!

August 25, 2012
OMG!!!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer Sparkler!!!! This is a Limited Edition that will only be out around patriotic holiday's, so if you can't resist it, (like I couldn't) Make sure to like her page, so when she announces when she will release this beauty for a short period of time, you'll be sure to snag one up!!! Sparkler is set in a clear base with white and blue bars, very small red, white, and blues hexs, medium red, white, and blue hexs, medium white squares, medium silver stars and little blue stars!!!! Phewwww that's a ton of glitter!!! I have 2 coats of this polish over Essie Nail Polish Smooth Sailing! AWESOME application for a MEGA glitter bomb!!!! Definitely stay tuned to get your hands on this sucker!!! If you love 4th themed polishes you NEED this one for your collection, TRUST ME!!!

August 31, 2012
Kawaii Nail Lacquer Bubbleyum!!! Bubbley and yummy for sure! I did it again, I tried smelling the polish..... pssst it doesn't smell like bubble gum!! lol! Bubbleyum is a baby pink sheer creme base with fine pale pink glitters, small blue and silver hexs, medium blue hexs, and small pale pink hearts! I have 3 coats on here in this photo and application was pretty darn good. :o) I have to say I am looking for a new topcoat, I keep getting little bubbles, and for that I'm sorry!! But don't let that fool ya, cuz this polish is divine!!!

So what do you think?!! 

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