Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shimmer Polish part 4

*Press sample sent for review

....and so starts some more of my Shimmer Polish collection... this is part 4. Original posted dates are June 25, August 25 & 27 2012 and January 11, & February 13, 2013.

Shimmer Polish Lorene...... another rich, deep stunning polish by a super awesome Indie maker. A rich raspberry glitter polish with a sprinkling of sapphire blue and burnt orange, in a clear base, make this one irresistible 'go to'!!! I have 2 coats of Lorene on in this photo. Great application!! :o) Don't forget to head over and shop, shop, shop!!!!

Shimmer Polish Lucie!! This reminds me of Christmas time! I love it!! So stunning! A clear base glitter bomb with mainly silver glitters, but just enough red glitters to make this one, over the top beautiful!  I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo!! Application was great!!! No fuss at all!! Gotta grab this polish up!!

Shimmer Polish Maria!! Any blue lovers out there??! If so you NEED this polish!! It is everything BLUE!!! A clear base with a range of different blue glitters from light to dark!! It is blue-tastic!! I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo!! Application was great!!! No fuss at all!! Gotta grab this polish up!!

Shimmer Polish Marliyn!!!! This is a super sexy revved up red!!! STUNNER!!!! A deep burgundy red jelly base with fine ruby red glitters!! Very vampy!!! The application on this polish is pure perfection! I have 2 coats of this polish on in this photo. Such stunning polishes!!! The time that is put into these, and combos of glitters she puts together are completely beautiful! 

Shimmer Polish Mary! This is a very unique color combo of glitters!! I am just gaga for this one!! A clear base with black, silver and red glitters!! Did I mention the HOLO!!!! Super holo~y which lets this polish sparkle like mad! I have 2 coats of Mary on in this photo! Super awesome application which is normal for Shimmer polish! I do have to apologize for my broken middle finger nail!! I didn't want to make everyone wait for the reviews but house hold chores robbed my nail  But on a bright note, LOOK at that polish!!! :o)

It's ME, with an extra 'S' of course!! lol!! Shimmer Polish Melissa! And she is purple how ironic is that!!?? Being a purple fanatic this is just like fate that I get this polish!! Again this is a fuchsia packed polish with some other colors tossed in the mix to give it some more va va voom!! Some red, gold, violet, and lavender glitters to name a few. A total dream in a little bottle made with such love!! Oh LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish!!

Shimmer Polish Natalie....... A really classy look in a major glitter polish! This beauty is packed full of medium blue, copper, and turquoise glitter in a clear base. The application on this polish is absolute heaven in a bottle! I have 2 coats of Natalie on here. Be sure to stop by and check out which great polishes you love!! 

Shimmer Polish Nichole....... very, very patriotic glitter bomb!!! I adore this, red, silver, and blue polish!! All of this gorgeousness is in a clear base, so could be worn over virtually any color out there. I have 2 coats of Nichole on here in this photo! Super great coverage and application!!! Don't hesitate to stop by and pick it up!!! 

Shimmer Polish Rochelle..... A clear base, smooshed full of red, gold and copper glitters. This is a great polish to wear around for upcoming Autumn! It's definitely on my list of must wears for the fall. I have 2 coats of Rochelle on here. Fantastic application and coverage. You will love this polish once it's in you hands, you won't wanna ever give it up! I am lovin it!!! Check out Shimmer Polish and all the polishes she has to offer!!!

Shimmer Polish Sarah!! Words almost can't describe how insanely awesome this polish is!!! A clear base with tropical green, blue (and even some purple) glitter bomb!! This polish is absolutely breathtaking!! I have on 3 thin coats of this polish, in this photo!! Application was great!!! No fuss at all!! Gotta grab this polish up!!

Simply crazy stunning!!! 

go look at her beautiful facebook page here
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