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Different Dimension Santa Baby collection (Christmas 2012)

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The amazing polishes from Different Dimension's Santa Baby collection. Holiday 2012. Originally posted on November 3, 2012

Santa Baby Collection

Different Dimension Christmahanakwanzika!!! phewwwww!!! That is a mouthful!! lol!! But it hits on EVERY holiday!! hahaha. This kick ass Christmas polish has everything awesome about it going on too!! Woot! It has a clear base with tiny green and red hexs, very small silver, gold, and green hexs, and medium gold, sapphire blue, black, red and green hexs!!! I could imagine the endless color combinations you could put this polish over!! I only have 2 coats of this polish on in this photo. Applies great!!! But then again it's a DD polish, of course it does!! :o) Make sure you grab yours for the holiday season!! 

Different Dimension Out Of Space Convertible!! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! This has to be one of my 3 favorites from this collection!! But then again it's hard as hell to pick out faves anymore! hahaha! This polish has a black jelly base with tiny pink, purple and blue holo hexs!!!! Who could ask for more!!! This is intense!! I love it!! I have on 3 thin coats in this photo and I think it's opaque enough that it looks awesome!! :o) Applies like buttahhhh!!! Can you see all the other colors the holos pick up!?! Yummy!! 

Different Dimension Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight!! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! I think all these have such cute little names, hehehe. When I put this on my daughter said it looked like really cool wrapping paper. haha! This polish has a clear base with red and white bars, and red and white shreds!!! So cool. I love it!! I have 2 thins coats of this polish over Julep Sienna, in this photo! Application was awesome!! It reminds me of little candy canes!! Better make sure you get the whole collection!! 

Different Dimension I'll Wait Up For You Dear! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! Itty bitty green and red hexs in a clear base!!! This is Christmas all bottled up, ready for sale. When I was a little girl these two colors no matter what they were on made me automatically think of Christmas...... I guess it still does, cuz if you put m&m's that are green and red next to each other, that's what I think of!! hahaha!! Application was really smooth on this polish!! I have 3 thin coats all by itself!! Stunning!!

Different Dimension I've Been An Angel All Year! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! It's like fresh snow in a winters sky! Ahhhhhhh!!! I absolutely adore wintertime! This polish is in a milky light blue creme base with tiny white and baby blue hexs. Such a light and airy look. I have on 3 thin coats in this photo. Super application, no streaking! If you want a simple look with tons of sparkle, then make sure you pick this polish up!!! 

Different Dimension I've Been An Awful Good Girl!! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! OH MY!! Are you seeing this polish!! It's a stunner!!! In a pale baby pink creme base with a pink shimmer throughout, there are tiny, very small, and small purple and pink hexs. The pink shimmer in this polish makes it look like it's glowing from the inside!! I can't quit staring at mah nails!!! lol!! Awesome application! I have on 3 thin coats in this photo! A little VNL but too beautiful to matter!! Grab this baby up, or you'll be sorry!


Different Dimension Santa Baby!! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! I love that this one got the 'main' name of the collection!! It's so girly and cute!! A clear base with tiny silver holo, red, pink, and white hexs, small white and pink hexs, and medium white and red hexs!! Like someone blended up Mrs. Claus and put her in a tiny little bottle! lol!!! I have 2 thin coats of Santa Baby over Illamasqua Nomad in this photo! This polish is gorgeous! Application is awesome!! Yay!! So very pretty!! 

Different Dimension Think Of All The Fellas That I Haven't Kissed!! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! An amazing combination of fine turquoise and purple fine glitters in a sheer blue jelly base! Great application. I have on 3 coats of this polish, in this photo. Super gorgeous!!

Different Dimension Sign Your 'X' On The Line! Part of the Christmas 2012 "Santa Baby" Collection!! Gold rush!!! This is such a shiny, sparkly gold!! I feel like a million bucks with this on!! A clear base with silver shreds and gold flakies!! I have 3 coats of this polish on solo in this photo.This makes me feel like a RICH girl!!! woot!! Great application!!! Make sure you grab one for yourself!!! You won't be sorry!!! 

So which ones would you rock again for this holiday........

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