Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Glitter Daze "Charmed"

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Here is Glitter Daze 'Charmed' collection This is and was my favorite show in the entire world. I have every season on DVD, and watch it almost daily on TNT lol!!! Original posted date was October 30. 2012

GlitterDaze Source Of All Evil!!! Part of the "Charmed" Collection!!! I seriously can not say I have a favorite of this collection. It's way to hard to decide!! If the Source Of All Evil looked like this, I would have said definitely do NOT vanquish him!! lol!! Source Of All Evil is super beautiful! A gorgeous black jelly base with tiny purple hexs, very small orange and green hexs and iridescent shreds!!! Is this not insanely awesome?!! I have on 3 thin coats in this photo!!! Applies super smooth for a jam packed glitter! Head over and get yours now!!! 

GlitterDaze My White Lighter!!! Part of the "Charmed" Collection!!! Look how beautifully this glows!!! OMG!! I have to geek out here and say 'Charmed' is my absolute favorite show of all time, EVER!!! I own them all!!! And believe it or not, I am watching it right now!!! :o) My White Lighter is a gorgeous blue glow in the dark with mega blue charge. This polish is a white shimmer jelly~ish base with blue shimmer and lots and lots of sky blue hexs! I have 3 coats of this awesome polish on in this photo! Perfect application!! You have to get over to the shop and grab these up!!! I'm not just saying that because I am a huge 'Charmed' fan... it's because these are gorgeous!!! (...... and because I am a 'Charmed' fan lol)

GlitterDaze Vanquishing Demons!! Part of the "Charmed" Collection!!! Seriously this reminds me of Cole's demon side Balthazar. The demon was all red and black and MEAN as hell looking!!! This polish looks bad ass on the nail! A red jelly base with gold shimmer and loaded with black shreds! Ummmm, love, love, love!!! The best application on this polish!! yay!! In this photo I have on 3 thin coats!! Look how well it covers!! :o) Squeeeeee!!!!! Go!!!........ Grab yours now, before they are alllllllll gone!!! You won't be sorry!

Definitely one of my most favorite collections I own!

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