Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Batman collection

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BATMAN..... woooo!!! Gotta love a man in tights lol!! Kawaii Nail Lacquer's Batman collection. These were originally posted on August 24, 2012

Batman collection

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Batman! Part of the Batman Collection!!! Set in a clear base Batman has fine black glitters, small pale yellow hexs, small silver holo hexs and small black hexs!!! Can you see the Batman symbol in the air!!?? LOL! I have 2 coats over Essie Nail Polish No Place Like Chrome!! Excellent application! I think this would look really cool over a purple too!!! What do you think?!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer The Joker!! Part of the Batman Collection!! I think out of this collection that this one has to be my favorite! I dig the color combo of the glitters!! With small emerald green, and purple hexs, there are just a sprinkling of raspberry red small hexs in there too! Also some medium white and khaki hexs!!! All this greatness in a clear base, with super awesome application!! What's not good about this?! ha! I have 2 coats of The Joker over Essie Nail Polish Super Bossa Nova! Check out the rest of the Batman Collection at her Etsy shop!! 

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Robin!!! Part of the Batman Collection!! I think this polish is extremely interesting!! I always loved Robin, he got the crap end of the stick alot but that's why I liked him, he was the underdog! This is a striking polish in a clear base with small, red, green, yellow/gold, and black hexs and black bars! Very good application!! I have 2 coats of Robin over Essie Nail Polish Dive Bar!!! What color combos can you come up with?!?! :o)

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Harley Quinn!!! Part of the Batman Collection!!!! Oh la la, this reminds me of a poker game lol! Clear base with small black, red, and white hexs, medium white and matte red hexs, black diamonds, and white bars!!! Darn good application for a ton of glitter in there!! This is 2 coats of Harley Quinn over Essie Nail Polish Chinchilly! Wear this to your next poker game and they won't be paying attention to their cards, they'll be paying attention to your hand!!!!

Pretty damn super hero-ish if you ask me!! 

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