Friday, August 2, 2013

...... and some Nail Sauce!

*Press sample sent for review

Check out these beauties from Nail Sauce!! I had a blast swatching these!! Their original debut date was June 29 2012....

This is Nail Sauce Purple Reign!!! Yay for purple!! This is so purple-licious!! There is so much going on in this polish. It is the total package for any purple lover.... like me! Packed with various sizes of hexs in multiple shades of purple (lavenders, grapes yum!) there is even some holo it looks like in there too! Then she goes a step further and all of that glitter is packed in a sheer grape/berry jelly base!!! Ohhh I am smitten! The application on this polish was a absolute dream come true!! This is only 2 coats!! What are you waiting for?!........ go.... get over there and grab a few bottles, your going to need a back up for your back up of this polish!!! This purple does reign over tons of other purples!!

Oh my..... Nail Sauce Gluttony. Want that perfect pale barbie doll pink glitter sammie?? Well look no further. Part of the 7 deadly sins collection, She nailed this polish. It is the perfect baby pink creme with salmon and purple small hexs and pale turquoise medium hexs! The application was completely flawless!! I have 3 coats on here but 2 coats could have very well done it! lol!!! Don't forget to stop on by and swoop up a couple bottles while you can. You don't wanna miss this polish ladies!!! 

Rainbow glitter alert!!! Nail Sauce What the Hex? This rainbow isn't the normal rainbow.... it's WAY prettier. Is that possible? I sure think so! So in a clear base this polish is loaded down with glitter..... very small purple hexs, with medium hexs in, light blue, denim blue, green, gold, red and salmon!!! I adore this glitter color combo!! I don't know what it is but it draws me right in!!! Application is smooth, no digging!! I have What the Hex? over Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Evvie! Really thinking this would be a great fall combo  Don't forget your bottle!!!

Thanks for taking a gander! ;) 

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