Sunday, August 4, 2013

My little Coco Allure collection

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Here are some photos back from August 3 2012, of my little collection from Coco Allure.......

Coco Allure Nail Polish A Theory Of Everything. This is a very interesting polish to say the least. It's a very sheer lilac base with lots of medium sized flakies, that flash blues, purple, and pinks. Great application, no streaky spots! It's a very unique polish and any flakie lover is bound to end up with this polish in their collection. Don't forget to stop by and pink some up today!!!

Coco Allure Nail Polish Autumn Leaves is got to be the most perfect fall glitter! A clear base with big orange, red, brown and gold glitters!! Definite dabbing application, but still perfectly gorgeous! Everyone knows how much I love love love fall and winter, and with this stupid heat I couldn't ask for it to come any quicker! This is making me want it even more! I can't wait to wear this as a Thanksgiving mani!! PERFECT!!!!

Coco Allure Nail Polish Champagne Brunch! Could there be a prettier lavender holo glitter polish? I am not thinking so! This is freakin' incredible! I stared, and stared at my fingers for so long, just trying to figure out how this is not illegal in the super shiny glitter department! lol! Clear base, so super great if you wanted to layer! And it applied like buttah!!! Check out her shop, your sure to find a polish worth loving, if not, it's because you will love them ALL!!!

Coco Allure Nail Polish Cosmic Flair! Okay this HAS got to be my all time favorite polish from Coco Allure. It's like this periwinkle blue with TONS of flecks of lavender shimmer. OMG!! I can't even explain how much I love this color! The application is beautiful and this is only two coats! If you only get one polish for the next year, grab this one! 

Ohh la la.... Coco Allure Nail Polish Family Jewels. Starts off in a clear base and has large red, purple and blue hexs!!!! Super gorgeous on the nail. Family Jewels has divine sparkle. I love it. Definite dabbing to apply, but so totally worth it. It is beautiful. It looks like little amethysts, sapphires, and rubies were placed on my nails.... kinda feelin' like a princess!!!

Coco Allure Nail Polish Dark Matter. I have always loved the whole black with glitter polish. I even tried frankening when I first started collecting nail polish and it always turned out looking like shit. But this is so pretty! Black creme base loaded with an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors of glitter!! It is a must to add to your collection, so hop on over today a grab a bottle! 

Coco Allure Nail Polish Peaches & Dreams. Yup this sure did apply like a dream! And the color is super dreamy too, so I think the name is a for sure fit! A beautiful peach base with tiny flakie shimmer, that flashes the lightest of blues, and lavender!! Very fem. A super soft look that can be worn every day! Hurry on over before the all disappear.....

.......and that is all I have folks!! I hope you enjoyed

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