Sunday, August 4, 2013

some Black Cat Lacquer for ya......

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Here are some gorgeous Black Cat Lacquer polishes... Definitely some goodies in here.... originally posted on August 18 2012.............

Black Cat Lacquer Peacocky! This is my absolute favorite polish in this collection!!! I can't stop staring at my fingers!!! ahhhhh!! I love it!!! This polish has this unique silvery holo shimmer base and it packed full with magenta, lilac, grape, teal, and pale blue small hexs!!! I have on 3 generous coats in this photo! This really does look like a peacocks tail feathers.  So pretty! My photos don't even do this polish justice. You should grab a bottle and see for yourself!!

Black Cat Lacquer Party Monster! This is a serious pink jelly!! Holy moly! In a sheer pink jelly base this polish is LOADED with fine glitters, like purple, blue, pink, white, orange, and red. Then some bigger hexs in green, blue, orange, lavender and red!! There are also different colored shards in this polish too!!! What a eye catching color combo!! I really enjoyed this polish!! I have on 3 coats, and super good application!!! So go check it out and grab a few!!

Black Cat Lacquer Eye Candy!! The name says it all!! Definite eye candy for sure! In a clear base there very small, small, and medium white hexs, small white squares, small violet hexs, and pinky~red small squares!! What a stunner. Eye Candy has a great application too! I have 2 coats over China Glaze Nail Lacquer Hook & Line for a different kind of look!! This is a great polish to make a statement and I love it!!! Head over to Black Cat Lacquer and check the shop out!!

Black Cat Lacquer Ecstasy! Whoa look out for a punch of color!! Ecstasy is in a clear base with fine yellow, pink and blue glitters. Then added in are some shards of red, pink and blue. What a fun polish!! It even adds some texture too!! I have 2 coats over China Glaze Nail Lacquer Entourage. Good application too! Makes for a very bright and cheerful mani!!! Don't forget to stop by and pick yourself up a bottle!!!

Black Cat Lacquer Discotraxx! This is some serious holo action in a little bottle!!! Clear base with tons of different shapes and sizes of silver holo glitters!!! Bars, diamonds, rounds and hexs just to name a few!! This polish had great application. Even disbursement of glitters which I totally adore!! I have a couple coats of Discotraxx overSally Hansen Deep Purple! Beautiful!! I think this would look stunning over any color under the rainbow!! Check out Black Cat Lacquer today!!!

These are definitely worth checking out!!! 

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