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Dollish Polish Super Mario Collection!!!

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Oh yeah..... when I got this collection I was over the moon!! When I was little I remember play the heck out of Super Mario!!! Love these!! They were originally posted on August 18 2012............ feast your eyes on these......

Super Mario Collection

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) 1-UP from the Super Mario Bros Collection! I have been DYING for this collection since I first bought It's A Me, Mario. I am in awe of this whole collection. 1-UP has a great emerald green shimmery base with small emerald green hexs, small white squares, white bars and medium white hexs! Perfect application! I have 2 coats over butter LONDONHRH! This is such an awesome green, it really stands out against the purple. I can only imagine what it looks like over red.... hmmmmm..... Christmas mani maybe??!! Head over a grab a few bottles!!!

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) Go Luigi! from the Super Mario Bros Collection! It's Mario's other half! Squeee! I love the whole 2 toned idea, it gives this polish a life of it's own! Go Luigi! is full of different sized hexs from very small to medium, in different shades of blues and greens, with cute little silver stars all throughout! I layered this polish over Hard Candy Sky! I have 2 coats on in this photo. Again great application! You definitely have to stop by her shop and swoop some of these up!!! 

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) It's A Me, Mario! from the Super Mario Bros Collection! From the day I saw the first swatches of this I was one of those that stalked Dollys page to make sure I got this polish! And the photos can speak why. This is AH~MAZING!! Clear base with different sizes of red and blue hexs ranging from very small to medium and small silver stars!!! Stunning! I also have a thing for 4th of July looking polishes so this fits right in! This is 2 coats of It's A Me, Mario! over basic white creme. Flawless application. I made sure to make one of the fingers (my pointer) blurry to see the sparkle even in the shade!! Love in a bottle!

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) A Peachy Princess from the Super Mario Bro Collection! Princess pink? Why YES please!!! A Peachy Princess has a sheer pink jelly base with fine magenta shimmer, medium pale pink squares, very small pale pink holo squares, small pale pink hexs, and small magenta holo hexs!! A total pink package. I have 2 coats over Zoya Nail Polish and TreatmentsShelby! Applies like a dream. Such an elegant look. My daughter won't quit bugging me to do her nails exactly like this!!

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) Toad-ally Awesome from the Super Mario Bros Collection! Hehehe every time I see this polish all I think of is Toad's little hat! I guess that was probably the point and it worked for me!! Toad-ally Awesome is made up of fine blue and gold glitters, with very small gold hexs, small white hexs, medium white and red/pink hexs, and medium blue squares all in a clear base! What a polish! I have 2 coats over Essence Sweet As Candy. Great application with this polish!! Seriously head over and grab some up!

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) Wicked Wario from the Super Mario Bros Collection! This is definitely my fave of the collection! Most people know why, but I will still say it....... it's PURPLE!!! I am drooling over this one!! Wicked Wario is a clear base jam packed with fine purple (a deep lavender) glitter, very small green hexs, small lemony yellow hexs, and medium white squares! These colors together are making me ga ga for Wario!! lol I have 2 coats over Sinful Colors Nail Polish Mint Apple. Simple and dreamy application. I think this could get to opaque very easily in 3 coats! And is something I am going to end up trying very soon! If you don't grab this up, you will regret it later..... yes I am taunting you! 

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) Dino-mite Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros Collection! Woot woot. it's like Christmas mooshed up and bottled!! What's not to love about this polish! In a clear base Dino-mite Yoshi has very fine gold shimmer, with very small red hexs, small green and white hexs, small light red squares, and medium khaki hexs! It's something about those khaki hexs I just can't get over.... they just give it an extra uuumph! I have 2 coats over Julep Nail Parlor January! Great application with this polish! Make sure to grab this one up before Christmas for an instant holiday mani!!! 

Dollish Polish (Dollface22772) The Koopa King from the Super Mario Bros Collection! I really think this is one of my faves out of this collection! Set in a clear base there are fine yellow glitters, very small white hexs, small yellow hexs, small red/pink squares, medium yellow and green hexs, black bars, and medium white diamonds!! This polish is loaded with color!! I have 2 coats of The Koopa King over OPI A Grape Fit. Application was a breeze!! So far this collection has yet to disappoint!! Go check out the collection for yourself 

Overall I love this collection as a whole!! My favorites would have to be, well all of them!!! hahaha I don't think I could part with any of them!! :)

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