Monday, August 5, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Harry Potter Collection

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Here is the ever awesome Kawaii Nail Lacquer's Harry Potter House collection!! With my daughter being a HUGE HP fan, these were super fun to wear. Originally posted on August 7, 2012

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Slytherin. Part of the Harry Potter House Collection. Slytherin in such a remarkably stunning emerald green, I love it!!! In a clear base there are very small silver hexs, with different sized emerald green hexs that make up this polish! I have 3 coats in this photo to get to opaque. I think this would also look killer over red for Christmas!! IMO! So slither on over to the shop and check out the Potter Collection!!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Hufflepuff! Part of the Happy Potter House Collection. It also kinda makes me think of a very beautiful bumble bee!! hehehe. Hufflepuff is made up of fine black glitter, very small yellow hexs, small yellow hexs, and small HOLO yellow hexs, all in a clear base!! A very beautiful combination of glitters. I can't stop staring at these yellow holos, OMG!!! Very great application for a glitter polish!!! I have 3 coats here in this photo. Hufflepuffs are said to be particularly good finders. Are you like a Hufflepuff? If so you will find yourself over at her store picking out this great polish!!! 

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Gryffindor. Another from the Harry Potter House Collection!! Gryffindor is a sparkly concoction, a clear base with gold bars, various sizes of gold and red hexs, and small gold and red squares!! This makes me think of Christmas ornaments. And Harry Potter is always on at Christmas time, so I think I just found a great Christmas mani!!! Great application. I have on 3 coats in this photo. Gryffindors are said to be brave at heart! You don't have to be brave to head over and pick up this polish though!

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Ravenclaw. Part of the Harry Potter House Collection!! I love Harry Potter! Yes I said it!! I own every movie and I can't blame the kids either. I actually got my 12 year old daughter hooked and obsessed with HP! Shhhhh.... our little secret k?! lol! Ravenclaw is a clear based polish with fine, very small, and small chocolate brown/bronze hexs. Brown bars, and lots of small blue hexs! This polish was awesome in the application department. I have 2 coats over OPI A Taupe the Space Needle. Definitely hop over to her shop and check out the HP collection!!

'In dreams we enter a world entirely our own' ~Dumbledore

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