Thursday, August 1, 2013

Amy's Nail Boutique collection

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Here is my little Amy's Nail Boutique collection!! :) These debuted on my facebook page June 12th- 15th 2012!!! I am keeping the original reviews, on all my old photos that I am bringing over to the blog!!

(L to R) Patriot, Pink Lemonade, Alyssa (know as Haute Mess when it first cam out) and Shelby

Wow!!! So beautiful!!! Amy's Nail Boutique Shelby!!! :o) Yes the name is what caught my attention..... Anything with my daughters' names I will have to get!!! But seriously look at all the sparkle~y goodness! And the little hearts... so feminine and soft!!! I did a coat over regular black too, it changes the look so much..... it's like a little galaxy with little heart planets lol!! Uber pretty... fine holo glitter with little pink and red hearts in a red-pink base..... absolutely beautiful!!!

Ready for the Fourth of July??? If not go grab this up!!! Amy's Nail Boutique Patriot!!! Holy Patriotic~ness!!! This is super cute and simple (In a great way) Like Independence confetti!! Tiny red, white and blue glitters in a clear base.... perfect for layering or in 3 coats you can get this look!! :o) I am so absolutely happy I found Amy's Nail Boutique.... this girl does NOT disappoint!!!! 

Here's Amy's Nail Boutique Haute Mess (now known as Alyssa)!!!! LOVE!!!! Oh my goodness.... this is now on the list of all time faves!!! This is 3 coats, I could have stayed at 2 and been fine, but I wanted some extra umph!! lol Stunning blue, pink and purple glitter bomb in a clear base, this is heaven in a bottle.....see all the mega sparkle on my pointer?!! yeah I know, it's nothing short of awesome!!

 I have on Amy's Nail Boutique Pink Lemonade!!!! Holy Moly... this is such a perfect combo of colors for summer!!! And the name couldn't be better...... it makes me want to go make a HUGE glass of Pink Lemonade!!! Fine yellow and hot pink glitters!!!! oh my!!! Definitely another winner from Amy's Nail Boutique!!!

Here is Amy's Nail Boutique One Sweet World!! This is 'one sweet color'..... I could think of tons of colors to layer this beauty over. But opted to go with 3 coats here for something light and fresh.... I love the color combo been staring at it all morning..... Definitely spring in a blender!!!

Some super cute polishes from a super great indie gal!! 


Check her facebook page out here

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