Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zoya Payton

And now for the gorgeous Zoya Payton!! Yay!! An overly amazing, darker Autumn color. Completely glorious! The formula is to die for and the application (AS ALWAYS) is flawless. I can't get over how much I love this brand. I know it sounds completely redundant, but I just have to say it!  The stunning Payton is from the winter 2013 Zenith collection. This is the other polish I got when Zoya had their Halloween Trick or Treat special!! I am sooooo super glad I choose this one. It will most likely be with me on Thanksgiving Day!! It's THAT beautiful! Payton is a cranberry/plum heavily holo-ed polish, that was completely opaque on my nails in 3 thin coats! Sounds pretty scrum-didily-umptious if you ask me!  Even the description is edible! 

Payton (outside direct sunlight)

Payton (indoor with flash)

Payton (indoor with flash)


This is another of my million reasons why I absolutely adore Zoya and love Autumn!! 

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  1. Definitely is on its way to me now along with Dream and the reissued mattes...I had to re-order after my first Trick or Treat promo order was canceled bc I bought just a color spoon, and apparently that was not a valid use of the promo, even tho the system let you do it. They didn't advise about cancellation, so I had to follow up, but they did apply same promo for reorder (expressly stated this time you had to buy something other than a color spoon). :)