Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zoya Mason

Today I have the lovely Zoya Mason. I wanted this polish for so long and finally decided to get it when Zoya had their awesome Halloween 'trick or treat' special! Zoya is always so full of greatness. lol. I actually started my obsession with Zoya on Halloween 2011. They were running a special and I picked up Jem and Yara then! And so the love for Zoya started! hahaha..... here is one of my picks,....... 

Mason (outside direct sunlight)....
a berry metallic with red and violet shimmers throughout. This is extremely gorgeous! I have 3 thin coats in this photo and I am in love!! The application was great and covered excellently!! 

Mason (indoor with flash)....

I swear in some of the photos Mason looks like she is glowing!! <3 <3 <3 
Did you grab anything from the Halloween special?!?

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  1. I got this one in my Oct Ipsy bay, happily I did not already have it....great mani and pix!!