Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sinful Colors Silver Rainbows

The last time I ran into Walgreen's they had their Christmas Sinful Colors display up. A lot of them were ones that I had something similar to, so I ended up only getting one. Now they did have a whole line of colored bar glitter polishes. I don't really care for bar glitters all that much, and polishes that are ONLY bar glitter tend to not be my cup of tea. BUT the one I picked up IS an all bar glitter polish. I thought what the heck let's give this bad boy a try. It's super lovely in the bottle, so I figured I'd give it a go, and if I liked it I would go back for some others. I picked up Silver Rainbows. It's a colorful polish of purple, magenta and green metallic bar glitters in a clear base. I put a coat over Avant Garde Lacquer Snow Day, to show the colors better. I have to say the color combo is one of my favorite. The formula is fine. The application is even okay. I just can't get bar glitters to work for me. They stick up and out and off the tip of my nail. But that is all personal preference. Otherwise this polish is great. :) I know they had an all white bar glitter polish, and all black. So definitely some to look out for and grab if you don't mind bar glitters! :)

Silver Rainbows (indoor with flash)

Beautiful colors!!! 

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