Sunday, November 24, 2013

A wintery mix from Avant Garde Lacquer

*Press sample sent for review

I had the pleasure to get my finger tips on some amazing festive polishes, or should I say my finger tips had the pleasure...... anyway..... I have these gorgeous polishes to share with you today from Avant Garde Lacquer. This post is going to be a little different in that I am awaiting the second half of a collab with one of the polishes. They will be a duo, and I can't wait to have them together!!! :)  Once it arrives I will repost the 2 together with their respective other halves. SO without further ado, here are a some eye catching goodies for you.... 

 Peppermint Schnaaps (outside direct sunlight)
a stunning red and white glitter topper in a clear base FULL of gold shifting tiny flakes. This is stunning and not your typical red and white topper. That gold just adds some kind of pizzazz that you won't get 
from any others. I have a thin layer over Sally Hansen Going Green. The formula on these are 
outstanding! They are not all all goopy like some store bought glitter toppers.
 If you are a collector you most definitely will want this one in your collection. Beautiful holiday polish! 

Peppermint Schnaaps (outside direct sunlight)

Peppermint Schnaaps (indoor with flash)
get a load of that gold sheen!

Peppermint Schnaaps (indoor with flash)


And the much anticipated collab duo.......

Can we just start off with HOW STINKIN' CUTE ARE THESE BOTTLES!?!?!

Snowballed (outside direct sunlight)

Here is the collab polish! An amazing iridescent glitter topper packed full of yummy goodess!!

 Including the CUTEST snowflakes and snowmen!! I LOVE this. I can't wait to see it over it's duo

 partner. The formula is amazing, again! I have mine over Avant Garde Lacquer's A Dahser Of 

Christmas! This polish and it's partner will only have 50 made in total. 25 will be on Avant Garde 

Lacquer's website and 25 on Pretty Bitch Polish's website. Starting on November 29 2013 (Black 


Here is the link for the 2 of them together at last <3 

Snowballed (outside direct sunlight)

Snowballed (outside direct sunlight)

Snowballed (indoor with flash)

There will be more news and info about the collab duo polish in another post, when her partner gets here. So are you ready to nab these pretties up!?

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  1. These both look like super cute winter polishes! I love Peppermint Schnaaps :) and Snowballed looks amazing over A Dahser of Christmas!