Monday, September 30, 2013

Nail Nation 3000

*Press sample sent for review

If you haven't checked out Nail Nation 3000, you have been living under a rock lol!!! These HAVE got to be some of THE most killer holo polishes I have ever laid my eyes (and nails lol) on!! Holy smokes!!! I am totally blown away with the formula and application. The formula was like silk.... and they apply with this insane ease. All of them were seriously 2 coats and I could honestly have gotten away with just one coat on most of them!! **WARNING** You're about to be blown away with HOLO-NESS..... have your shades ready!!

Color Tint Topcoat.... 
a very sheer lilac tint with super saturated holo. Makes any color go amazing!! I have only ONE coat of this over Wet N Wild Who is Ultra Violet

I took this photo right before the sun set.... and I couldn't get over how it looked. Because in the dimming sunset these look exactly like they did in real life. Almost animated!! I HAD to use this photo. If you can catch that much holo in a dim light... you know somebody is doing SOMETHIN' right!! This is a berry holo! 

I <3 Polish Aquatic....
a clear base loaded with hot pink, and blue micro glitters and holo dust! I threw on mine over Wet N Wild A Blank Canvas!! STUNNING!!!! 

an intense black holo!! Holy AMAZING-NESS!!! I don't even know if I can put this into words!! The photo says it all!

Love Bites....
a DEEP magenta holo.... this is the perfect vampy shade I was looking for

This one was my ultimate favorite. A black with purple duo chrome holo!! Heck yes!! I almost cried when I had to take this off!! 

More amazing holo

this one is a dusty pink holo. Very girly and classy

Take The Crown....
YUM.... I don't own anything like this... it's very unique. A royal blue jelly. This is just gorgeous. Again this was one of the photos I took as the light was running low in the sky lol!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed swatching and wearing these stunners!! Which one is your favorite!!?

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