Monday, September 9, 2013

Divergent anyone??!

*Press sample sent for review

Yay for mondays!!! lol I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! How many of you watched some FOOTBALL (or got stuck watching it lol)?! I figured we could start the week off here with some novel goodies. Pop Culture Cosmetics has created some really adorable polishes for her Divergent collection. She has some of the creamiest polish, with awesome application. I love them. My daughter is a HUMONGOUS Divergent fan.... and when she saw these she immediately grabbed for them, of course I had to stop her. hahaha. She can't wait for the movie to come out and has already made me promise to take her to go see it on opening night. Okay enough ramble and on to the pretties!! I have 3 from the collection... and here they are

Climb Higher....
 a gorgeous turquoise jelly loaded with holo shimmer dust and silver, green, and blue holo glitters in various shapes. I love the moons, and stars.... it soo absolutely fitting in this polish. I have 3 thin coats on here in this photo

The Honest (Candor faction)....
a true honest to goodness black and white glitter topper in a clear base. This looks great over soooo many colors, which the possibilities are ENDLESS with it! I have 2 thin coats over Zoya Whitney

The Selfless (Abnegation faction)....
a milky white crelly like base with mirco holo shimmer, and packed with silver and gray holo glitters in different shape and sizes. Check out those bigger holo circle glitters! yum! This is 3 thin coats

(this one is NOT part of the Divergent collection)
is a thermal color changing polish... from a dark purple (almost black it's so dark) when cold to this incredible bright berry color when warm. This is going to be one kick ass color for fall and winter. I can't wait to where it around Halloween! 

so there you have it.... more from this stunning indie polish maker! Which ones are you going to grab?!

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