Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cover Girl 'Catching Fire'

When I ran to the store, I found some awesome new displays at Walgreen's. One of them being the new Cover Girl Catching Fire collection. Which includes 4 polishes, mascara and I think there was some eye shadow. Anywho I grabbed 2 of the polishes and plan on going back, probably tomorrow, for the other 2 at a different Walgreen's. At the one I went to they were selling for $3.49 each, but this week Walgreen's has Cover Girl products as buy one get one 1/2 off! Which makes them $5.25 for the pair. Luckily I had found a coupon for $3 off any 2 Cover Girl products in a Marie Claire issue I had, which brought the total down to $2.25. So in turn I paid around $1.13 for each polish!! Not bad if I do say so myself!!! So I decided I would check my magazines and see if I could find another coupon and I DID!!! So I am off to Walgreen's tomorrow when I run errands to grab the other 2!! Woot! Here are some photos! (when I go back I will nab a photo of the whole display, if they have it, and post it on my facebook page).....

Rouge Red and Pyro Pink

Rouge Red and Pyro Pink....
Rouge Red is a very intense metallic red with insane orange and gold shimmer, this is one SUPER light catching polish.
Pyro Pink is another very intense metallic polish. A magenta with red and gold shimmer. Very vibrant.
Both of these polishes have a sparkle like no other. I think Cover Girl NAILED these polishes. And to bring them out in The Catching Fire collection was a brilliant idea. I am over the moon for these little guys!

Rouge Red and Pyro Pink....
both of these photos are 2 coats of each color and topcoat. The formula was great. The application can be a tricky to a point... because of the very high shimmer they seem to dry rather quickly. Which can cause bald spots if your not paying attention lol! 

I will for sure post the other 2 when I get them and put links on both this post and that post when I get it up, so you can see them all! I couldn't wait tho, these were too pretty, NOT to share!! 
Let me know if you grab any and what you think!!

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