Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Zoya MatteVelvet

Today I have Zoya Matte Velvet collection for winter 2015.
This collection is such a fun, colorful collection. It's just a breath of fresh air, and really makes me get in the holiday mood.
I wanted to post this before Halloween because of how great these colors are, but then I decided not to. I wanted to save all of their glory and show them after so they didn't get passed up for not being "fall" colors!
The formula on these are a great matte velvet that requires NO topcoat.
The coverage was really good. I have 2 coats of each polish on, in the photos below.
I did add a topcoat to my pointer and pinky nail so you could see how amazing they look shiny as well!
Hope you enjoy!

Matte Velvet (winter/holiday 2015) Collection
Honor, Sue, Yves, Iris, Aspen & Amal

A crimson red with ruby pearl flecks in a matte velvet finish


A sparkling white with diamond pearl flecks in a matte velvet finish


A vibrant green with emerald pearl flecks in a matte velvet finish


An amethyst purple with fuchsia pearl flecks  in a matte velvet finish


A pale champagne gold with oyster shell effect pearl flecks in a matte velvet finish


A sapphire blue with blue pearl flecks in a matte velvet finish


These gorgeous shades retail for $10 each on Zoya's website. Don't hesitate, go grab all of these NOW!!
I have to say surprisingly my favorite out of this collection is Sue!! It is one of the most interesting colors I have in my collection. I can't stop wearing it! It's amazing!
Seriously tho, I love them. I think they are a NEEDED collection for winter and the upcoming holidays.
Let me know which ones you picked up, and how you feel about them!

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