Friday, November 13, 2015

c.Booth Brazil Nut Rum lotion

Hello beauties! I have a fun, quick little post for you today. I received a coupon voucher to choose a free product complimentary by Influenster for a c.Booth product of my choice. 
After much debate and a pretty good amount of time in Ulta smelling everything I could possibly get my hands on, I chose the 4-in-1 Brazil Nut Rum lotion! 
I have to say this is the most amazing smelling lotion in the world! Hands down the absolute best smell I have ever smelt! I would love to have an entire line of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, candles, body spray, air fresheners..... Well you get the point! 
The lotion itself is very lightweight and absorbs into my skin pretty fast. I felt very moisturized and my skin felt smooth afterward! I would definitely repurchase this lotion in a heartbeat! Trust me I will as soon as this bottle runs out! It's a great buy. 
I got mine from Ulta and I hear Rite Aid sells c.Booth as well. It was $9.99 from Ulta. Next time your there don't hesitate to pick up a bottle or two! 

*all opinions are honest and my own

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  1. I need to hit the Ulta they opened by my house, been once, so happy I don't have to go across town, since I never did that. This sounds good and I will check it out.