Friday, September 11, 2015

CND Aurora collection

Today is a great day, and with a great day comes an amazing new winter collection from CND®. The Aurora collection for winter 2015 is a complete stunner! 
There are 5 additives and 4 new glittery Vinylux® and Shellac® polishes, with a shocking glittery, icy feel! You are sure to fall head over heels for these! I can't wait for winter so I can wear these colors in this collection daily!!!
These should start popping up in your local salon and spas beginning in October. Make sure to ask your nail therapist if they have this collection so you can rock these in your nails too! 

CND® Shellac® is a professional product to be applied by a professional for you and the health of your nails. 

Aurora polish collection 
Winter Glow, Nordic Lights, Glacier Mist & Tundra

Winter Glow, Nordic Lights, Glacier Mist & Tundra

Winter Glow, Nordic Lights, Glacier Mist & Tundra

Glacier Mist (Shellac®)
An icy blue metallic polish with a silver-ish sheen and silver multidimensional glitter

Glacier Mist (Vinylux®)

Glacier Mist 

Nordic Lights (Shellac®)
A plum purple polish packed with holographic glitters in various sizes! This color dances in your nails! Stunning!! 

Nordic Lights (Vinylux®)

Nordic Lights 

Tundra (Shellac®)
A feminine light rosy pink metallic polish with a silver-ish metal like finish

Tundra (Vinylux®)


Winter Glow (Shellac®)
A beautiful baby pink cream polish 

Winter Glow (Vinylux®)

Winter Glow 

Aurora additives 

Aurora additives 
(from bottom clockwise)
Jaded Rebel (pigment), Crystal Crush (glitter), Whiteout (glitter), Midnight Revelry (glitter) & Amethyst Blast (glitter)

Amethyst Blast (glitter)
Tiny thin amethyst colored bar glitters

Crystal Crush (glitter)
Icy blue iridescent glitter shreds

Jaded Rebel (pigment)
An emerald green pigment effect 

Midnight Revelry (glitter)
A blue holographic glitter

Whiteout (glitter) 
Bigger shiny white circle glitters

This is by far my absolute most favorite CND® collection to date! There is nothing at all negative to say about any of these products in this stunning collection!  Hurry up winter!! Love love love!💕

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