Friday, November 21, 2014

Do you Influnester??

So we are going to change things up tonight and do a little different post. 
Have you guys heard of Influentser?
It's a great site to go check out. They have TONS of reviews, of EVERYTHING! If you are looking to try a product, any product really, check out Influenster first! Type in what it is that you are looking for and up pops lots of different reviews from tons of different people. Everyday normal, regular people! Just like you and me! 
I have received some products complimentary from Influenster and done some reviews myself. It's super fun and best of all I get to let everyone else know my opinion about all kinds of products, from snack foods or toothpaste. 
And it gets even better! You can sign up too! 
Just go to and follow the easy steps to set up your account! Take some surveys to see what products suit you best and then just kick back and watch for your email telling you which box will be sent to you complimentary to review! 
When you get your box just check it in, and then you get to play and try all of your products in your box! 
Review them HONESTLY! Let the world hear what you think! 
There are great ways to earn extra points to win even more great products from the line you reviewed!! It's very fun and rewarding! 
Make sure you check out Influesnter today! Either to read about products you want to try and to review the products yourself! 
You won't be sorry! 


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