Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Younique lipgloss in Ladylike

*Press sample sent for review

So recently I was invited to a virtual online party to a brand called Younique. I had never heard of them but, it's makeup so of course I'm going to check it out. It was a group created on Facebook and my friend was the "hostess". They shared photos of different products and even had a few giveaways! All you had to do was comment on the certain photo and join in on some fun little games. Simple right!? Darn tootin'.... I actually won! I won a lipgloss of my choice! The consultant Vanessa... is a DOLL! She is so sweet. She let me choose the color I liked best and sent it to me. It was here in 2 days!! Now I have to admit I am skeptical about different brands because they never seem to live up to the claims. But this was surprisingly great. The lipgloss wan't sticky at all. It isn't super thin where it feels like it's going to slip off your lips. The coverage was really remarkable. It lasts just fine, it's lipgloss so it's not going to stay for hours upon hours, but I did get a good 3 to 4 hours of shine and color. There really isn't a smell at all. The applicator is a semi- doefoot, with a little lip to it..... it makes it comfy to put on (I'll have a photo to help better explain the applicator lol)! Also one of the cutest features is it has it's own mirror built in on the side. Which makes it super convenient when on the go! Overall I really am loving this gloss! It has found it's way to the "most used" drawer of my lipglosses already! ❤

The color I choose was Ladylike! It's hot coral that does not disappoint! It's absolutely stunning! I realized while editing that it matches my nail polish lol!!! I have on Zoya Kylie2 in case that helps with comparing! This is going to be amazing come spring and summer! 

I will be virtually hosting my own party in a few days on facebook. If you are interested in checking it out please let me know! 

Find Vanessa and Younique on Facebook HERE
Shop Younique HERE

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