Friday, February 14, 2014

Polish Yer Hooves

*Press sample sent for review

I have some pretties on my nails today. Polish Yer Hooves has some super cute polishes! I have a couple to share with you. For starters the labels are adorable with little cow tape on the brush handles! And the bag it came in had little tiny cow confetti!! Too cute! I love it. So here are some photos of these fun polishes! :) 

Purple Cows With Red Hats (outside direct sunlight)
A gorgeous clear based glitter topper with purple glitters in different sizes and shades, and red bar glitters too. Such a pretty color combo. I have a coat over Zoya Purity! Application was great. I really love this polish

Purple Cows With Red Hats (indoor with flash)

Purple Cows With Red Hats 

Purple Cows With Red Hats 

Rusty Nails (outside direct sunlight)
A burnt orange metallic base with orange holo glitters throughout, in different shapes and sizes. This shines so pretty. Application and coverage were awesome! This is 2 coats. A very fun, and colorful polish!  

Rusty Nails (indoor with flash)

Rusty Nails 

Rusty Nails 

Super cute eh?!?! Which is your favorite? 

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