Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Muscle car action from Darling Diva Polish

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I have a few more polishes that were inspired by some gorgeous muscle cars by Darling Diva Polish. These 3 are in the 'Muscle Car' collection as well. Click HERE for the first post with all the other 'CAR' polishes! The amazing creator came up with a gorgeous polish, that is also my daughter's namesake..... I'm in love with it! Well let's just get to the fun....... 

Lady Boss 302 (outside direct sunlight)
a magenta jelly packed with pink holo glitter in different shapes and sizes. This has such great holo~ness to it.... it's oh so yummy! It almost has a 3D effect. This is 2 coats by itself. The coverage is sensational! 

Lady Boss 302 (indoor with flash)

 Lady Boss 302 

Lady Boss 302 

Shelby  (outside direct sunlight)
My baby's name! (okay so she's almost 14 and not a baby baby, but my baby) This is a red/pink jelly base with different colors of tiny holo glitters. OH it is gorgeous! It shines and shimmers and reflects light like no other! Definitely a stunning polish inspired by a stunning car! This is 2 coats with great coverage and easy application! 

Shelby  (indoor with flash)

Shelby  (indoor with flash)
blurred for your viewing pleasure! 



Z28 (outside direct sunlight)
Love me some green! This is a lime green jelly base with tiny lime green holo glitters packed into it! Some serious sparkle comes from this baby!!! You definitely need to grab this one too! I have on 2 coats of this polish in the photo. Great application and good coverage as well.

Z28 (indoor with flash)



Aren't they completely gorgeous!!? What one is your favorite?

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