Friday, August 14, 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer

I have a fun little post today. I have Rimmel's Lasting Finish Primer to talk about. I was very intrigued by this product. I love primers and so I knew I just had to try this one. This retails for around $6.99.
The claims: Increases foundation wear for up to 8 hours, ultra light weight formula, minimizes he appearance of pores, evens skin tone, and it can be worn alone, under or over makeup.
Keep reading to see what I thought about this primer.

Stay Matte Foundation in Porcelain, & Lasting Finish Primer 

Lasting Finish Primer
The primer has a  white lotion formula feel, but as you rub it in, it kinda has a gel feel to it. I would say it is a light weight feel, especially after it dries. 

Stay Matte Foundation in Porcelain 
Unfortunately this was WAY WAY too light for me. If I wanted to look like a child's porcelain doll then it would be a perfect fit. So all you fair ladies (and gents) out there, this would be perfect for you. I think it did dry down to a very matte feel. I definitely will be getting my hands on the right shade for me to try this out a little more. I didn't wear mine long, only because of such a huge contrast in color with my skin.

So the bottom line on the PRIMER...
I think this is a MUST! I really do love this. I love the consistency, and feel. It did make my pores look smaller. I didn't wear mine alone so as far as the claim of evening out my skin tone, I can't say 100% but it did look a bit better before foundation application. So that's a plus. I felt like my foundation did last an extended amount of time. There are times that I wear my makeup, upwards of 14 hrs a day! So when I look in the mirror at night and see that it still looks good, that makes me super stoked! I only wore this under my makeup, I'm not quite sure how it would do, OVER my makeup, guess I am not the gutsy! 

So if you see this primer..... GRAB IT!!!

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