Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lady Queen Beauty

Good morning loves! I had the pleasure to look over some products from a company that is new to me. Lady Queen Beauty
I received a cute little holder for my striping tape, rather than having it all over the place, lol!  And also a package of 12 nail art brushes that make it a breeze to do little detail work on my nails and my client's nails. 
They are located overseas so receiving your items might take just a tad longer, but they will be well worth it. Plus there is a TON of fun items for beauty lover and nail art lovers alike! 

Lady Queen Beauty is also kind enough to give me a 15% off coupon code, so my readers can shop, shop, shop! Use the code AXLC15 to receive 15% your order.

12 piece nail art brush set 

Look at those tiny bristles! Made nail art a breeze. They don't shed. Easy to clean. I love that there are so many in the package. I could just sail through what I was painting, and just pick up another brush if I had to.

I used these to create this look using some CND Shellac polishes.

Striping tape holder

Open and insert tape. Easy Peasy! 

This made it really easy to keep my tape where I wanted it. I didn't have to fuss around and find the end of the tape after each use. 
When I got this I honesty thought it had some sort of way to cut the tape, but it does not. So just be a aware if you are buying it thinking it will work like a dispenser, it won't. It's only a holder. But it does really come in handy

Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to head over to the website and shop! Use up that 15% off code!!! 

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  1. You really do a great job in detailed explanation of brush set and striping tape! I think they would do help in your nail art designs. :-D