Thursday, December 11, 2014

CND Offly Fast gel removal system

CND came out with a system to remove your Shellac® polish in only 8 minutes. The kit includes 2, 10 pack foil remover wraps, an orange wood stick, a 2 oz bottle of Offly Fast remover, and a mini bottle of Solar oil (which I think is too stinkin cute)! Just soak the foil pad with the Offly Fast remover and apply to nails. Fold the foil to secure them in place and wait 8 minutes (I tried to see if I could get better reception on my radio while I had mine on, danced a little and pretended I was an alien!) Then remove the foil and push off any Shellac® that is left with the orange wood stick. Easy as pie! Follow up with some Solar oil to nourish your cuticles and viola! Your done and your nails are clean and look great!  

Let me know if you try the system on your clients and how well you love it! 

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