Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pop Culture Cosmetics Gorgeous Jellies

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In the mood for some Gorgeous Jellies? Ummm.... yes, PLEASE!!! Always! Pop Culture Cosmetics came out with 3 more amazingly awesome jellies! They apply like a dream with the most glorious formula! She also came out with 2 topcoats and 2 base coats that I have been trying out! In the last 4 blog posts and this one too I have been using the shiny topcoat. I have a photo with the matte topcoat you'll see below. I also used the base coats as well. I used the milky base coat under my white polish swatches and the sticky base coat under all the rest! These are pretty darn good top and base coats!! :) .....on to the photos.....

Matte TC, Milky BC, Sticky BC, & Shiny TC 
I have a photo below using the matte TC. So make sure to check that out. The milky and the base coats both work wonderfully. And all of my photos on this post (except the one matte mani) were done using the shiny TC!! These preform beautifully and protect and help the longevity of my mani's!

Bejeweled (indoor with flash)
A emerald green jelly base with fine green glitter and purple, gold & silver holo, magenta, and aqua round and hex glitters! A very stunning polish on the nail! Lots of sparkle and shine. Definitely a winner in my book! This is 2 coats in this photo.

Bejeweled (indoor under lamp w/ warm hue bulb)



Dream Time (outside direct sunlight)
A royal blue jelly base loaded with blue (holo) and lavender glitters in different shapes and sizes. This looks like the ocean when looking at the mani in the sun. There is so much dimension to this. It's gorgeous!! This is 2 coats of this polish on in this photo.

Dream Time (indoor with flash)

Dream Time (outside direct sunlight)
OMG!!! Look at this mattifed!! AMAZING!! I love this look! This is using the matte topcoat from PCC! 

Dream Time 

Dream Time 

Jeweled Butterfly (outside direct sunlight)
 Who doesn't love a cute butterfly polish. Especially one that is purple!! :) This a royal purple jelly base with greens, and pinks, and holo glitters all throughout, and holo butterflies to make this polish my fave of the bunch! Like those butterfly bushes you plant that attract all the beautiful butterflies. This polish will attract everyone's attention! I have on 2 coats of this polish in this photo! 

Jeweled Butterfly (indoor with flash)

Jeweled Butterfly 

Jeweled Butterfly 

Totally GORG!!! 

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